Senior/Lead Python Developer Position

  • Dynamic start up business
  • Immediate start
  • Enjoy a healthy work life balance
  • Employee stock option plan available

Loop11 is a dynamic start up business on the edge of greatness, with all the right ingredients to change the way we manage user testing on websites, mobiles and all other interfaces. As a part of a larger parent company, Loop11 sits within the U1 Group a market leader in user and customer experience consulting. This exciting business is the brainchild of the CEO, Toby Biddle and is leading the way online user test is being done around the world. This product has already been used and adopted by some the world’s top brands including IBM, Accenture, Vodafone, Cisco and Deloitte.

Your extensive python development experience will have you designing, developing, implementing, testing and delivering world class software. You will be working closely with product management and the CEO to translate business requirements into sound software solutions.  You will enjoy working as part of a team but equally be able to function autonomously and manage your own priorities.  An attractive employee stock option plan (ESOP) will be available to the right employee.

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User Testing a Mobile App Prototype: Essential Checklist

User Testing a Mobile App Prototype

By 2017, app downloads are set to reach 270 billion worldwide. So it’s fair to say that the app marketplace is pretty crowded. Any app that gives users a less than 5 star user experience is doomed to failure.

And yet despite this cut-throat environment, some apps still hit the marketplace riddled with usability issues thanks to sub-par user testing. In fact, according to a report by Perfecto Mobile, 44% of app errors are found not by testers but by users after the app is launched. It’s not only unfair to make the unsuspecting user act as a usability test guinea pig, it’s also bad business: shoddy app usability leads to abandonment, loss of investment and time wasted.

It’s not only the little guy app developers who fail foul of bad usability; even the big guys can get caught out. Take Google Wave, which launched with a hugely complex feature set and commensurately low usability levels, and predictably flopped. That’s not to say that Google didn’t run usability tests on the Google Wave app before launch – of course they did. But it’s possible they didn’t run them adequately.

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Ways to help instigate UX classes at your college

This article is a guest post by Tim Brown, a web designer from Minneapolis.

User Experience (UX) is such an interesting subject because it’s really just the study of humans, and our ways of interacting with things. It calls us to pay attention to the perspective of those around us – it helps us take into consideration the habits and tendencies of others to really make something that’s easy to use and pleasant.

A short story about how I got into UX

I was in community college for Web Design and Interactive media when I first heard about User Experience. It was really a bit mysterious to me for a couple months until I dug into it – toured a local agency that was hiring interns for UX, and read a couple amazing books on the subject: Steven Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” and “Lean UX” by Jeff Gothelf.

I got excited and started chatting with other people in my class that wanted to get into the internship – so we started a project together, got a real client, and even got her to pay for coffee shop gift cards used to bribe people to do user experience testing with us on her chiropractic website.
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User Session Videos Launch On Loop11

At Loop11 we’ve long been a tool that our clients go to when they need to run dozens, or even hundreds, of participants through their user tests. They then use our reporting suite to extract insights which feed back into their design process.

Many clients have used Loop11 in conjunction with other qualitative tools which provided videos of a participant’s session but there was always a certain disconnect between the two data sets.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Loop11 Videos (Beta). Now, when you run a project within Loop11 your results will also include user videos*. For the first time you will now be able to see not only the what but also the why all from within the one tool.

The introduction of Loop11 Videos means you will no longer be spending hours watching irrelevant videos and can now go straight to the user footage containing the insights you need.

Best yet, why spend thousands of dollars on your user testing, getting limited data from only a few participants, when with Loop11 for only $199 per month you can run hundreds of users through an unlimited number of usability tests!

Sign-up today for 3 free user tests on our 14 day trial.

CEO, Loop11

* Videos will only be recorded for projects using the Loop11 JavaScript.

The UX Design Education Problem


This episode is the second in our mini-series, Design Horizons, where we speak with design leaders from around the world. We discuss issues they believe to be the highest priority in the design and UX industry.

In this episode we look at the UX Design education problem and hear how to schools (plus Google) are looking to fix it.

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Originally published on True North.

Design Horizons – Diversity


This episode is the first in a series where we speak with design leaders from around the world. We discuss issues they believe to be of the highest priority in the design and UX industry.

In this first episode we look at diversity and hear how one lady in particular is not only thriving in a male dominated arena, but also helping to pave the way for other women.

This episode features Jeff GothelfJared SpoolAndy BuddGeorgie Bottomley & more…

True North is available for free on iTunes

Originally published on True North.

New Pricing at Loop11

Today we are excited to announce a new pricing model for Loop11. We believe that this new pricing will allow our users to run more tests, at a greater velocity and for a much lower cost than other comparable user testing services.

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Prototype User Testing with InVision & Loop11

invision-loop11-twitterIf you design digital products like websites or apps then you will be well aware of the powerhouse prototyping tool InVision. They’ve been taking the design world by storm since founded in 2011.

Designing prototypes is an important part of any designer’s workflow, as such, InVision has become an integral tool within product teams. However, designing the prototype is only half the job, the second part is testing the design with users and seeing if what you’ve designed works.

Like a number of prototyping tools on the market, InVision has some usability testing baked in. It predominantly revolves around getting videos of users while they test a prototype on their iPhone 6 or above.

These videos of course are valuable, however, there is so much more that can be done with user testing and for these situations a tool like Loop11 is perfect.

The good news is, using Loop11 to test your InVision prototypes couldn’t be easier. Below we detail the steps.

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