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User Session Recording & Replay

Watch user interactions unfold, revisit session recordings to reconfirm your insights, and share key moments with stakeholders to collectively improve your digital product.

Flexible video, audio & screen recording project configuration.

Capture quantitative data and qualitative insights in one tool.

Efficient & effective user analysis with AI capabilities.

The user testing platform trusted by

Capture, Analyze, and Improve with Loop11’s Recording and Replay Tools

Loop11 provides a powerful set of user recording and session replay features for more effective usability testing and analysis.

Video, Audio & Screen Recording

Record any combination of a participant’s screen, video, and audio during a user test. Loop11 allows you the flexibility to configure user studies to utilize any, all, or none of these media recording options.

Time-stamped Notes

Take notes during user sessions to document important events, observations, or user feedback. You can add, edit, and delete notes during or after the user session, ensuring that you capture critical moments and insights as they unfold.

AI Transcriptions & Summary

Loop11 makes reviewing user session recordings more efficient by automatically transcribing verbal comments into text. Furthermore, our AI Insights capabilities generates a concise summary and provides recommendations, streamlining your analysis process to enhance the user experience.

Create Video Highlights with Loop11

Video Highlights

Download the entire user testing session or export video clips that highlight the most insightful moments of a user test. Share these clips with colleagues or stakeholders via Slack or email to collaborate effectively or showcase user interactions that matter the most.

Uncover Hidden UX Insights with Session Replays

See your users in action. Use session replays to catch real interactions, see where users might get stuck, and craft seamless user experiences that truly resonate.

Experience the Benefits of User Session Recording & Replay

User session replay isn’t just about watching users – it’s about understanding their choices, frustrations, and moments of delight. Dive into the advantages:

Playback Functionality

Capture and revisit user sessions to observe detailed interactions. This enables you to identify pain points, usability issues, and moments of delight as users navigate your website or application. Use replays to validate and ensure your improvements hit the mark.

Quantitative & Qualitative Data

Loop11 facilitates both qualitative and quantitative user studies within a single tool. Utilize quantitative features, such as task success or failure rates, to filter participants and then narrow down to specific, insight-rich videos for qualitative insights.

Event Tagging

Create time-stamped notes and video highlights to pinpoint key moments in user sessions that need further analysis or improvement. This feature simplifies the process of focusing on critical aspects of the user experience.


Error Tracking

User session recordings can reveal errors, bugs, or usability issues that may not be obvious through traditional testing methods. This real-time insight ensures that you can react promptly and make immediate improvements to enhance the user experience efficiently.


Efficient Collaboration

Session recording fosters a unified vision among designers, developers, and marketers. Features like time-stamped notes and video highlights make it easy to share key findings with team members and stakeholders, facilitating seamless collaboration and sparking insightful conversations across teams.

Time and Cost Savings

Loop11’s automated AI features save time and reduce the need for manual data transcription and analysis, making usability testing more efficient and cost-effective. Spend less time on tedious tasks and more time refining your user experience.

Our Clients Say It Best

“Loop11 automatically records all the sessions, which is super handy as we don’t have to do anything at the time. We can go back after the test and have a look through the sessions ourselves, or share a watchers link with stakeholders.”

Louise Byrne

Product Designer, Vodafone Ireland

“We really wanted to capture those little bits of feedback that you can only discover when users are in the middle of doing something on the app: when they’re frustrated by something, surprised by something, or when they like something or find something particularly entertaining.”

R. Kali Woodward

FUNetix Founder

“We like Loop11 because we have flexibility when we are gathering data.”

Sarai Prado

Lead UX Researcher and Lab Lead,
Sperientia: [Studio + Lab]®

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Eyes on the User: The Power of Session Recording and Replay in UX

In digital user experiences lies a story waiting to be told between every swipe and click, reshaping how we can understand, adapt, and evolve our platforms. How do we access this treasure trove of user narratives and truly comprehend what happens behind every interaction? The key to decoding user behavior is through session recordings and replays, which will help us see the gap between users and interfaces with unparalleled clarity.

User session recording and replay, often simply referred to as 'session replays,' is a tool that allows designers, developers, and business stakeholders to capture, view, and analyze a user's interactions with a website or application in real time. Imagine being able to "shadow" a user as they explore your site, make clicks, fill out forms, or even encounter errors. It's like having a front-row seat to their digital experience.

For years, professionals from e-commerce to mobile gaming have tapped into session recordings to gain unparalleled user insights. When merged with traditional web analytics, these recordings elevate marketing campaigns, amplify customer satisfaction, and inspire innovative solutions.

Imagine this: traditional user research methods are like reading tales about a vast, intriguing jungle—captured in surveys, described in focus groups, or experienced in guided usability tests. They provide a scripted journey, painting pictures based on user narrations. But what if you could walk this jungle, witnessing its uncharted terrains and spontaneous wildlife in their natural habitat?

That's where session replays come into play. Instead of relying solely on recounted tales, you get a front-row seat to the live, unfiltered dance of users interacting with the digital wilderness, every click and scroll unfolding organically before your eyes.

Here's a simple way to differentiate:

  • Surveys and Focus Groups: Users report on their experiences or perceptions.
  • Usability Testing: Users are observed in controlled settings, often while performing specific tasks.
  • Session Replays: You observe real, unscripted actions of users in their natural browsing environment.

Crafting seamless and intuitive user experiences is a dream for many UX designers. The truth is that theoretical design principles and user feedback alone can't capture the entirety of a user's digital experience. Session replays fill in the gaps, offering:

Spot Real Interactions:

  • Catch unexpected clicks and scrolls, and see where users might get stuck.
  • Dive deep into user journeys. See the real 'why' when users take unexpected turns.

Quick Fixes:

  • Instantly spot and fix issues without waiting for survey results or feedback sessions.

Spot Real Interactions:

  • Blend what you see in replays with your other data. This helps in making design choices that truly resonate.
  • Craft experiences that fit like a glove by understanding different user behaviours.
  • Sometimes, a designer's instincts miss the mark. Replays help align our design visions with actual user needs.

Ultimately, the tiniest details can transform a user's experience from 'meh' to 'wow.' With session recording and replay, UX designers have a powerful magnifying glass to spot and act on those details.

User session recording has become indispensable for designers, developers, and product managers. Capturing real users' interactions with your website or application provides invaluable insights into their behavior and experience. However, like all tools, its value is determined by its use. The real power of user session recording and replay can only be harnessed when you implement these correctly:

  1. Clear Transparency with Users: Always inform users if their sessions might be recorded. This can be achieved through disclaimers, notifications, or user agreements. Being transparent builds trust and ensures that you are ethically and legally on the right track.
  2. Segmentation of Data: Before diving into session reviews, categorise your users. This could be based on demographics, user behaviour, or traffic sources. By segmenting, you can identify patterns specific to certain groups, leading to more targeted insights and solutions.
  3. Set Defined Objectives: Approach the session recordings with clear goals in mind. Are you trying to understand the high drop-off rates on a particular page, or are you investigating usability for a new feature? Having focused objectives ensures you gain actionable insights efficiently.
  4. Regular Review and Iteration: Don't let your recordings gather digital dust. Incorporate session review into your regular product/design review cycles. After identifying issues, make necessary adjustments and revisit recordings to verify if those changes addressed the initial concerns.

User session recording bridges businesses and their users, offering a candid look at the user experience. They allow companies to:

  • Identify Pain Points: Where are users getting stuck? Which part of the site causes confusion? Session recordings directly answer these questions.
  • Enhance User ExperienceBy understanding user behaviour, businesses can tweak and optimise their platforms to be more intuitive, user-friendly, and effective.
  • Verify Design Changes: Post iteration, session recordings can validate if the introduced changes lead to improved user interactions.
  • Reduce Guesswork: Instead of making assumptions about user behaviour, session recordings provide factual, actionable data.

In essence, user session recording is a cornerstone for user-centric design, helping businesses to continually refine their digital platforms in alignment with real user needs and behaviours.

In today's digital landscape, understanding user behaviour is paramount for businesses. As tools like user session recording become standard, the ethical implications of their use move to the forefront. How can companies leverage these insights without overstepping boundaries?

One must remember that user session recording is a valuable tool for enhancing user experience, but it demands careful handling to maintain trust and compliance.

Transparency is crucial. Users should be informed if their interactions might be captured, ideally through a straightforward disclaimer or notification. This upfront approach helps in building trust.

Prioritizing user anonymity is gold. Personal data, like names, email addresses, or payment details, should be masked or excluded from recordings, aligning with data privacy regulations.

Users must have a choice, always! An opt-out option for session recordings should be available, ensuring users can quickly decline without affecting their overall experience.

Lastly, recorded data should be handled securely, with adherence to data processing policies. After the data has fulfilled its purpose, it should be deleted.

Elevate UX Design with Session Replays

Observe user sessions in detail, identify issues, and align design choices with real user behavior. Loop11’s User Session Recording and Replay lets you blend data and instinct for a seamless user experience.