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10 Steps to Improve Your UI/UX Design

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Andre Oentoro

Written by Andre Oentoro

5 December, 2022

You must often hear the UI UX of the website when discussing internet technology. A web user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design play an essential role in the success of a site or application.

The user’s impression of the website’s UI/UX greatly influences the following action, whether they will continue to buy products, use services, order, and so on, or they are no longer interested in using your company’s application or website.

According to a survey, 88% of users said they would not revisit a site if it had a bad user experience. 

That’s why an online business person who has a website must invest in UI/UX design as the main priority to help customers to interact with the brand and fulfill their needs. 

The design of both can improve the user experience when interacting with an application or site. A good design of UI and UX can help businesses’ websites to attract and retain visitors. Thus, improving UI/UXdesign is a must. 

Here are ten steps to improving your UI/UX design to help your business compete in today’s digital business world.  

1. Everything Begin With User Research

Everything begins with user research is a crucial thing to do. When you understand user behavior, needs, and motivations, you will have an idea to improve your UI or UX design. 

You can find this by researching the UI/UX designs of the company’s competitors and their consumers. Doing user research will inform and help with your design strategy. 

Moreover, you will gain the insight needed to make data-driven decisions. Most of the time, research helps to know whether a particular feature should or should not be designed. You can find out by asking these questions: 

  • Who are the end-users?
  • What is the user scenario?
  • What do users want when using the product?
  • For what platforms and devices do you need to develop the product?

2. Create UI Kits

The next step is to create a UI kit that can give you the best learning experience. You can start making a UI kit by learning principles like design consistency, file management, organization, structure, etc.

Creating a UI kit is an effective way for beginners who want to develop their UI/UX design skills. That way, you can attract more visitors to your website or app because of the professional quality of the designs you create. You will also develop some UI/UX design skills throughout the process.

3. Focus on Content

Focus on your content is the next practical step to help you improve your UI/UX design. You can use various kinds of content in photos, infographics, articles, videos, etc. It can help provide the best user experience for your visitors.

Use your content as a tool to help users understand which steps to take next. For example, if you have a cryptocurrency website, you will need to add a cryptocurrency video to your landing page to help fulfill your visitors’ needs and give them ideas on what to do next.

Focusing on high-quality content can give the best user experience to your customers. That way, you can give your visitors an excellent impression and improve your UI/UX design.

4. Utilize the Right UI/UX Design Tools

Besides knowing more about your customers, you must also find the right UI UX design tools. It also needs to be considered because choosing the right tools can help improve work time efficiency and the quality of your UI/UX design.

Some of the best UI/UXdesign tools are often used, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, etc. These tools provide convenience, speed, and ease of use to help you improve the quality of your UI/UX design.

5. Keep It Simple

The next step is to make your UI/UX design simple. The key to good design is simplicity and clarity. Users like the layout, which is simple but has attractive colors, icons, and images. That way, visitors will be more likely to stay on your site or app longer.

Moreover, you will also potentially attract more customers to visit your website or application quickly and help customers find the information they need.

6. Add More Whitespace

White space is an empty space located around the content or writing on the website. Adding more whitespace helps you increase user convenience in viewing the content on the website. Adding white space is the simplest way to improve your website’s UI/UX design.

Imagine when you visited a website with quite a lot of content without any gaps between one content and another. Surely this will make visitors lazy to see and linger on your website. So make sure you provide gaps between your content to improve your website’s UI/UX design.

7. Share Your Work and Ask For Feedback

The next step is to share your UI/UX design to get feedback. This feedback will help you gain insight and improve your UI/UX design from various perspectives. Thus, you must gather your input and update your UI/UX design to get the best results.

So, don’t be shy about asking other people for advice because these suggestions will make you grow in making UI or UX designs.

8. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

In this digital era, many people prefer to access the internet through their mobile devices because it’s easily accessible anywhere and anytime. 

Especially lately, the increasing number of users of mobile phones to access the internet, including websites. Therefore, turning your website into a mobile-friendly website is a must. Websites that are not mobile-friendly can potentially lose more than 50% of their audience base. 

The concept of UI UX Design is the best way to ensure that the desktop and mobile versions are reliable, modern, and functional. So, changing your website to be mobile-friendly will provide a good user experience.

9. Adding Search Box 

Another tip to improve your UI/UX design is to have a search box on your website. This enables your visitors to easily find what they are looking for. 

What if your website content is too much? Visitors will find it difficult to see what they are looking for and end up with customer disappointment.

Therefore, many websites provide search boxes to make it easier for visitors to search based on the keywords they input. The easier it is for them to find what they are looking for, the better your website’s UI/UX design will be.

10. The Experience in UI/UX Improvement

The last step is to do our strategy tips to improve UI/UX design based on our experience. Our strategy focuses on an individual approach, working with client teams, conducting market research, and involving business analysts.

So, improving the UX/UI design is not only about updating its appearance but also researching and analyzing user personas in detail.


A good UI/UX design will provide a good customer experience. It will positively impact loyalty, engagement, and even website conversions. Therefore, you need to improve your website’s UI/UX design or apps by implementing the ten steps I mentioned above.

That way, your business will be able to compete in today’s digital business world. Now, you can produce engaging designs and present them to the visitors to make the best user experience. It’s time for you to start practicing all of the tips above.

Andre Oentoro

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