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The next-generation UX tool for designers, marketers and product managers is now even better.

Start a usability test

Just a few details gets you started. Our user-friendly test builder will guide you the rest of the way to setting up a moderated or unmoderated project. No HTML experience required – we take care of that for you.

Customize it

Create the tasks for your participants to perform. Include five second tests and first click tests in addition to our standard tasks.

Ask survey questions, which can include multiple choice, single response, rating and ranking scale questions, open responses and well as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and System Usability Scale (SUS) .

Test on any device

Test on desktop, mobile, or tablets. Testing with our browser extension or app test websites or applications on iPhone, iPad or Android.

Recruit participants from Loop11 or bring your own

Use Loop11’s panel of verified user experience participants or you can bring your own participants.

This is great for businesses who want to survey current customers and have niche demographics at their fingertips.

Video, audio and screen recordings

Record any combination of video, audio or the users screen to see what they have to say first-hand. Identify where your users are confused, frustrated or having difficulties so you can improve the design of your product.

  • Add time-stamped notes to your video
  • Export video clips to send to your team
  • Download the entire testing session

Comprehensive User Testing Analytics

Loop11 provide you with critical UX metrics with advanced data representation so you can easily gather and interpret valuable user insights. Some of our metrics include:

  • Task completion rate
  • Heatmaps
  • Clickstream analysis
  • Lostness
  • Time on task
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • System Usability Scale (SUS
  • …and more…

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