Loop11 Privacy Policy

Information collection and use

Loop11 is dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information, we collect in relation to you, is kept strictly secured. We do not pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone. For further detail regarding data collected please view this article.


Loop11 uses cookies to allow you to login to your account, or if you are a test participant (see test participation). Cookies sent to your computer from Loop11 only last while you’re browsing our website. We do not store persistent cookies on your computer.


Loop11 is very concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information. We employ administrative, physical and electronic measures designed to protect your information from unauthorised access. Information you provide via our website is encrypted using 128 bit Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL), ensuring that only we can decipher your information.

We will make any legally-required disclosures of any breach of the security, confidentiality, or integrity of your unencrypted electronically stored personal data to you via email or conspicuous posting on this website in the most expedient time possible and without unreasonable delay, consistent with (i) the legitimate needs of law enforcement or (ii) any measures necessary to determine the scope of the breach and restore the reasonable integrity of the data system.


Loop11  does not ask for any personally identifiable information from study participants. Additionally, Loop11  does not take responsibility for any of the questions a Loop11  client may ask a participant during a study. Prior to answering any questions all participants should consider whether they trust the company asking them to join the study.

A participant’s general location (Region, State & Country) is recorded during a study via their IP address. Additionally, all interactions a participant has with a product during a usability study is recorded to be used in reporting for said study.

At the beginning of a study a participant may be asked if their device’s camera or microphone can have access to record their face and audio. If permission is granted, the recording will only last while the participant is active during the study. No recording will take place unless permission is granted by each individual participant.

Browser Extension & Apps

Loop11 has developed and maintains browser extensions for a number of desktop browsers, and apps for mobile devices. In order to use these extensions and apps they require a participant to download and install them on their device. The extensions and apps are only active, and only record, when a participant is actively in a Loop11 study. At all other times they are dormant and not collecting any data.


We welcome comments and suggestions regarding the Loop11 privacy policy. Please send questions about our privacy policy or the information we have collected from you to administration@loop11.com. If you believe your personal information has been misused or handled in such a manner contrary to the policy stated above, please contact us at administration@Loop11.com.

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