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Wireframe testing, A/B testing, Prototype testing, User testing

Is your website, mobile or SaaS product optimised to deliver what users truly want?

Our team will have you up & testing, delivering comprehensive, insightful & actionable reports.

Not reaching your KPIs? Gain direction & certainty with Loop11.

We’ve tested and analysed thousands of websites. Loop11 will deliver crystal clear clarity through quantitative research and expert analysis.

We can help you scale while keeping costs low

Testing a website or SaaS product is only worth doing when it’s done right. Usability testing can be expensive and time consuming. Loop11’s UX ninja’s will get you deeper insights, in half the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Working Agile? Loop11 delivers results, fast!

Agile development is predicated on testing fast and testing often. Fast, quantitative testing is exactly what Loop11 was designed for, and when combined with our expert analysis, you’ll get the validated learning insights you need for the next development iteration.

Run fast, flexible online user testing with Loop11

Data is a website’s lifeblood, but understanding the data is key

Vanity metrics! They look great but they often point you in the wrong direction. Our friendly and experienced team know which metrics are telling the real story and will help guide you through the data minefield.

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