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Why UX Should Be a Priority for Digital Marketers in 2022

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Written by Viswanathan AG

1 November, 2021

User Experience (UX) has evolved in recent years to become an integral part of digital marketing. UX is a user-centred design that considers user needs, expectations, and experiences when designing the user interfaces for a product or service.

It is essential to understand why users abandon your site or do not convert into customers when analyzing user data. The most common reason people leave websites is that they do not find what they are looking for. Therefore, it brings in the need to improve your UX in terms of digital marketing strategies.

As a part of digital marketing, UX is a vital essence in creating a brand’s digital presence. It focuses on what a customer wants and creates an interactive space that can help develop conversions for the business.

User experience testing uses user feedback to create better interfaces. You can apply UX across multiple disciplines, but today we are focusing on relevant digital marketers. This blog will discuss the importance of UX in digital marketing and how it has become a priority for marketers in 2022.

What Is UX Design?

UX, user experience design is a way to create user-friendly digital experiences. It is an umbrella term covering many disciplines within the tech space, including interaction design and user research.

User experience is the creation of interfaces that bring a meaningful and relevant experience for end-users. It encompasses the whole process of obtaining and integrating the product, including elements such as branding, design, usability, and function.

A primary goal of UX designers is to understand what users need from the product or service they are designing. They do this by creating personas about their target audience before actually starting work on the interface itself. It ensures companies have their customers’ needs in mind when it comes time to build out their website or app features.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of online promotion that uses digital channels, such as the internet and mobile phones to reach customers. It is a method of promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using digital communication.

It has become a necessary skill for any company that wants to succeed in today’s competitive market. Companies can use many different types of digital channels, such as email or social media advertising. UX designers play an integral role in digital marketing by ensuring their website or app has the best user experience possible.


A Balance Between UX And Digital Marketing

The balance between UX and digital marketing is delicate as it falls between meeting the needs of customers and potential buyers while ensuring that you have a visually appealing interface. The designer should present a valuable marketing asset through mobile applications or websites while providing a great user experience.

Some of the design elements that make the interface worthy of digitally marketing include:

  • Customer Personas
  • User Testing
  • Journey Maps
  • Content Strategy
  • Exceptional Visual Experience

Top Reasons UX Is A Priority For Digital Marketers

The list below will justify why user experience should be a priority for digital marketers in 2022.

  1. UX supports in building conversions
  2. UX helps in informing your marketing strategy
  3. Personalized content and enhanced landing page design can enhance UX
  4. A good UX magnifies SEO
  5. Optimizing mobile experience that drives customer loyalty
  1. UX supports in building conversions

To generate conversions, you need a good marketing strategy that helps your customers find all the information they need about the product or service. The right UX can guide them and then drive them to convert onsite after following through with their journey from beginning till end.

If your marketing strategy provides customers with all necessary information about a product or service, UX should help guide them along their journey and towards conversion. Again, highly skilled professionals with exceptional UX/UI designer skills will help gain attention from potential customers.

  1. UX helps in informing your marketing strategy

Over the last few years, digital marketing has become more and more challenging to be effective. Companies are investing too much time and money into digital marketing today, with a high degree of uncertainty about its long-term effectiveness. A user experience-focused approach is needed, which includes research based on what your audience truly thinks about you or how you can improve their entire strategy as you advance.

UX design is a valuable addition to any marketing strategy because it helps people get there faster. The UX designer understands these requirements and leads the customer in their journey with ease, making for hassle-free experiences and time-saving ones.

  1. Personalized content and enhanced landing page design can enhance UX

Focusing on personalized content is one of the essential elements while creating a UX that fits the digital marketing strategies. In addition, it will better the visitors’ experience as they will be involved in the content that suits their persona.

84% of companies have shifted their focus to provide a good user experience, increasing their interaction on customer experience measurement. A good user experience will make your site more attractive, which in turn increases conversion rates. For example, an effective landing page will significantly boost your website conversion rate.

  1. A good UX magnifies SEO

The importance of UX lies in the impact that it creates for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). For example, a good UX might help your content get more exposure in search queries to potential consumers. In addition, a positive user experience encourages visitors to explore your material further, resulting in a lower bounce rate.

Google is paying more attention to your site’s client experience than you may imagine. The lower the bounce rate, the better Google understands that your website contains valuable information and fulfils the user’s search intent.

  1. Optimizing mobile experience that drives customer loyalty

In this technology-driven world, where everyone has mobile and internet access, over 60% of users will purchase a product or service via a mobile-friendly website. However, over 40% of the users leave the site without an optimised mobile application as it does not meet their needs.

Creating a user experience that accommodates the surging amount of digital customers worldwide is wise to retain your conversion rates even from mobile users. Just as it is vital to enhance your landing page, a mobile-optimized website will also help in boosting your SEO ranking.

To Sum It Up

Gone are the days when a company’s branding strategy was limited to its website. In today’s digital age, companies need an online presence that extends well beyond what could be done with simple logos and colour schemes. It is now necessary for them to invest heavily in UX design and programming, so potential customers feel welcomed from every angle possible. In today’s competitive market, customer experience is no longer a luxury for businesses. Time, money, and resources must be invested to deliver a positive result and give the user the attention they deserve.

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