User Videos & Audio Are Here!

With the launch of user videos and audio, Loop11 has taken a giant step towards being the market leading user testing tool not only for quantitative studies but also for qualitative testing.

We’re happy to announce that our users will now have the option of recording a participant’s screen, face and audio during a user test. The flexibility now exists for users to configure their tests to utilize any, all or none of these media recording options.

Loop11 CEO, Toby Biddle said; “Many tools feature video recording capabilities, but few allow the user to save time by using quantitative data, such as task success or failure rates, to filter out participants and then narrow down to specific insight rich videos.”

User Testing on Any Website – No Code Required

Testing a website or prototype just got a lot easier.

We’re happy to announce a new version of our no-code user testing solution is now live and enables usability tests to be ran on virtually any website or prototype.

What this means is as a UXer you no longer need to get your dev team involved to add JavaScript to your website. This is obviously a huge time saver! What is really cool though is how our no-code solution opens the door to fast, efficient and insightful competitive benchmark testing and cross domain customer journey path mapping.

You can now set-up and deploy user tests anywhere online in minutes. No longer do you have to wait for 3rd party approval or developer assistance.

The main material difference between our standard user testing (which requires the insertion of JavaScript) and our no-code solution is that for the no-code studies participants will run through the tests with the assistance of a browser extension (if on desktop) or a mobile app (if on their phone or tablet). This adds approximately 5 seconds to the start of a participant’s experience but opens up a world of testing to you.

Before launch we tested our no-code tests for months and saw no signs of increased participant drop off when compared to the standard JavaScript user tests.

Start your 14 day free trial with Loop11 today and launch your first user test in 30 seconds.

Happy testing!

Finding The Holes In Your Website’s UX

Breaking down a home builders websitesFact #1: Many companies spend thousands of dollars on their website.

Fact #2: Most of these companies have little idea whether their website is achieving its goals.

UX testing is the mechanism that informs a company as to whether their website is working for them or against them.

The following article provides a high-level report from one such case study.


User Session Videos Launch On Loop11

At Loop11 we’ve long been a tool that our clients go to when they need to run dozens, or even hundreds, of participants through their user tests. They then use our reporting suite to extract insights which feed back into their design process.

Many clients have used Loop11 in conjunction with other qualitative tools which provided videos of a participant’s session but there was always a certain disconnect between the two data sets.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Loop11 Videos (Beta). Now, when you run a project within Loop11 your results will also include user videos*. For the first time you will now be able to see not only the what but also the why all from within the one tool.

The introduction of Loop11 Videos means you will no longer be spending hours watching irrelevant videos and can now go straight to the user footage containing the insights you need.

Best yet, why spend thousands of dollars on your user testing, getting limited data from only a few participants, when with Loop11 for only $199 per month you can run hundreds of users through an unlimited number of usability tests!

Sign-up today for 3 free user tests on our 14 day trial.

CEO, Loop11

* Videos will only be recorded for projects using the Loop11 JavaScript.

New Pricing at Loop11

Today we are excited to announce a new pricing model for Loop11. We believe that this new pricing will allow our users to run more tests, at a greater velocity and for a much lower cost than other comparable user testing services.


Prototype user testing with Axure & Loop11

Prototype Design with Axure and Loop11In late 2015 a major bank used a combination of Loop11 and Axure to create and test some new prototypes aimed at improving the user experience for their internet customers.

A prototype is a mid to high fidelity representation of the final user interface. In this instance the prototypes, while looking like a polished website, only contained two or three elements per page which the user could click on. By limiting the potential paths and interaction points a user could engage with the bank opened the doors to a rapid testing cycle where they weren’t bogged down by code and irrelevant functionality.


NPS – The one number you’re (probably) doing wrong

NPS - The 1 number you're probably doing wrongThe Net Promoter Score – aka “NPS”. We’ve all heard about it and most of us have probably used it in a project before to measure positive word-of-mouth about a brand or website. NPS seems pretty straightforward to measure right? You just ask respondents how likely they are to recommend something on a scale. Easy! Right?

NPS is a popular marketing metric, but what is a good score? We were interested in finding benchmarking data to feed back to our users but we noticed that not everyone uses the same scale when asking the NPS question.

What we uncovered was both unexpected and fascinating.


Smashing Magazine’s Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional web designers and developers.

Vitaly Friedman - Smashing MagazineWhat direction will UX go in the next 5 years? Will it fragment into different areas or stay as is?

It’s a very good question. I feel that we see a lot of diversification right now. At this point today, it’s not enough to be good—many sites and apps out there are good. You have to be great, and it means diving deeper into psychology, the magic of delight, and potentially gamification.


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