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Looking to guest blog for Loop11?

Here’s how you can…

If you’d like to contribute to the Loop11 blog here are some guidelines we’d like you to follow so you can avoid ending up in the rubbish where spammers, content farms, and bad ideas go. We have these guidelines so you don’t waste your time…or ours.

  • Blog posts should be at least 1,500 words and of high quality
  • Include at least 2-3 images within the blog post.
  • Link out to at least two relevant sources to support your article.
  • The topics we are primarily interested in include: user experience, user experience research, UX & UI design, website design, product management, etc. If you an idea that is slightly different but think it would be appropriate for our audience then feel free to send an outline and we’ll have a look.
  • Please submit an author bio no longer than 300 characters and an author image in .png or .jpg format. We prefer 300px wide and 300px in length.
  • We particularly like “How-to” posts, ultimate guides, and case studies related to the topics above but feel free to submit any idea and we will review it.
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws. We will only publish unique content that hasn’t been published elsewhere.

We just want to see great work, because that’s what our readers want. And we’d rather not publish anything than publish something of poor quality.

Whatever the case, be sure you’re writing about something you know well. And we recommend you use the fantastic Skyscraper Method by Brian Dean to explore what has been or is being said about the topic you choose. If you can show that you’ve researched a potentially high traffic topic it is much more likely to be accepted.

Submit your topics and topic summaries to: Support@Loop11.com