About Loop11

We’re on a mission to help you rid the world of bad websites
by making it easy to use real people and real tasks to test them

Aussie-made, with global reach

Loop11 is an Australian born and bred company serving UX designers, consultants and researchers around the globe.

We’re the usability testing platform of choice for companies of all sizes in the USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

A tool for the people

We’ve always centered around people: the UX professionals behind the scenes of great websites; and the customers and clients who use them.

We were one of the first online UX testing tools when we were established in 2009.  

Our founder, Toby Biddle, owned a successful UX consulting firm for over a decade. But UX designers kept asking for more control and freedom to test as and when they needed. 

So Loop11 was born.


Great tools and personal service

Whether you’re starting from scratch, updating an existing website or calculating your NPS, Loop11 makes UX testing easy.

We’re backed by a sophisticated set of functionality that outrivals many other products. And we offer personalised service with a down-to-earth attitude.


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