How to test the usability of wireframes.

One of the most common uses of Loop11 is to test the usability of wireframes, prototypes and concepts. This newfound power has surprised some people, as for the first time they can now test the usability of wireframes, as easily as they can a website. You may have read the Boeing Credit Union wireframe case study, and wondered how it was done. Well, for those of you wondering, this is how to test wireframes using Loop11.

Well for those wondering how, this is how to test wireframes using Loop11:

  1. 1.  Design some wireframes
  2. 2. Export your wireframes in HTML
  3. 3. Upload the exported wireframes to a public domain
  4. 4. In Loop11, enter the URL of the wireframe as the starting point URL (see below)

Create some tasks and questions to suitably test their usability and Tthat’s pretty much it! Now test it as you would a normal website. Now there are no excuses, we expect a massive influx of wireframe usability tests now.

If you would like to know more about wireframe testing, checkout our case studies here or contact as at

Happy Testing!

A Shout Out for Multilingual Usability Testing

As you are reading this, dozens of our clients are running remote usability studies in an array of different languages. In the 2 years that Loop11 has operated, clients have run all sorts of usability tests in over 20 languages. Some of our clients in fact conduct the exact same test in multiple languages, which makes a lot sense if your website is multilingual. As you can see from the chart below, English is still the predominant language, but clearly the rest of the world is coming.

So we wanted to give a shout out to all the languages already being used in Loop11, such as; French, German, Russian, Suomi, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese and even Bahasa. But more importantly, we want to remind people that Loop11 is capable of running user tests in over 40 languages, which means that there many more languages yet to be tried in Loop11.

Got a website in a foreign language you want tested? Try Loop11 for free.

The More You Tweet, The Bigger The Discount – Starts Today!

Want to get Loop11 credits for as low as $11? Well here’s your chance! To celebrate 11.11.2011… Loop11 is offering the usability testing opportunity of the century!

Between October 10, 2011 and November 10th 2011, the more @Loop11 tweets there are the bigger the discount will be on November 11th, 2011. You won’t get a chance like this for another 100 years!

We have set five thresholds:

  • 100 Tweets = $300
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  • 500 Tweets = $100
  • 750 Tweets = $50
  • 1000 Tweets = $11

This promotion starts on October 10th, 2011.Visit our promo page to learn more and Tweet about it.

Happy tweeting and testing!

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