User Videos & Audio Are Here!

With the launch of user videos and audio, Loop11 has taken a giant step towards being the market leading user testing tool not only for quantitative studies but also for qualitative testing.

We’re happy to announce that our users will now have the option of recording a participant’s screen, face and audio during a user test. The flexibility now exists for users to configure their tests to utilize any, all or none of these media recording options.

Loop11 CEO, Toby Biddle said; “Many tools feature video recording capabilities, but few allow the user to save time by using quantitative data, such as task success or failure rates, to filter out participants and then narrow down to specific insight rich videos.”

User Testing on Any Website – No Code Required

Testing a website or prototype just got a lot easier.

We’re happy to announce a new version of our no-code user testing solution is now live and enables usability tests to be ran on virtually any website or prototype.

What this means is as a UXer you no longer need to get your dev team involved to add JavaScript to your website. This is obviously a huge time saver! What is really cool though is how our no-code solution opens the door to fast, efficient and insightful competitive benchmark testing and cross domain customer journey path mapping.

You can now set-up and deploy user tests anywhere online in minutes. No longer do you have to wait for 3rd party approval or developer assistance.

The main material difference between our standard user testing (which requires the insertion of JavaScript) and our no-code solution is that for the no-code studies participants will run through the tests with the assistance of a browser extension (if on desktop) or a mobile app (if on their phone or tablet). This adds approximately 5 seconds to the start of a participant’s experience but opens up a world of testing to you.

Before launch we tested our no-code tests for months and saw no signs of increased participant drop off when compared to the standard JavaScript user tests.

Start your 14 day free trial with Loop11 today and launch your first user test in 30 seconds.

Happy testing!

Behind Facebook’s Logo – A $100 Million Tale


Imagine for a moment that we are back in the early 2000’s – 2005 to be specific. You are in San Francisco & own fledgling design agency. You saw first hand the highs achieved by those at the crest of the dotcom bubble & what happened to them once it burst.

The design agency you started only a few years early has begun to attract some amazing clients. Celebrities, technology companies like Google & industry giants like NASA. So, what would you say if a new, unproven start-up came to you & offered equity in return for designing their brand & logo?

This is the question posed to the Cuban Council when Mark Zuckerberg & Sean Parker met with them in 2005.


Inside Atlassian’s Design Teams


This episode is the first episode for series 2. If you’re like me, when you think of a company like GoogleFacebook or Uber you generally don’t think of the people within it. Maybe you think of their famous founders and project their personality traits onto an imagined company persona.

How do you scale from 6 designers to 120 without breaking things?


12 UX Games That Build Engagement

During a recent podcast with the VP Head of Design at SAP, Janaki Kumar, she discussed the benefit of using games to build engagement amongst workshop participants. Following on from this, we wanted to hear from you. What games had you played, or use, and why are they great?
We ran a competition and chose our favorite submissions. Below are the games that won and we thank all of you who sent in game ideas. You are a playful lot!


Finding The Holes In Your Website’s UX

Breaking down a home builders websitesFact #1: Many companies spend thousands of dollars on their website.

Fact #2: Most of these companies have little idea whether their website is achieving its goals.

UX testing is the mechanism that informs a company as to whether their website is working for them or against them.

The following article provides a high-level report from one such case study.


Competitive Benchmarking: The Art of UX Espionage

Competitive UX Benchmarking: Top SecretFor many companies, competitive benchmarking is a foray into the world of espionage. Being able to see which elements of your competitor’s website are working, and which are not, can be a revelation.

One of Loop11’s great features is the ability to run user testing on practically any website. It was this ability which Loop11 Consulting used to great effect in the below case study.

Loop11 consulting was engaged by an online pharmacy to carry out unmoderated online user testing on comparative industry websites to assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of each.


User Testing a Mobile App Prototype: Essential Checklist

User Testing a Mobile App Prototype

By 2017, app downloads are set to reach 270 billion worldwide. So it’s fair to say that the app marketplace is pretty crowded. Any app that gives users a less than 5 star user experience is doomed to failure.

And yet despite this cut-throat environment, some apps still hit the marketplace riddled with usability issues thanks to sub-par user testing. In fact, according to a report by Perfecto Mobile, 44% of app errors are found not by testers but by users after the app is launched. It’s not only unfair to make the unsuspecting user act as a usability test guinea pig, it’s also bad business: shoddy app usability leads to abandonment, loss of investment and time wasted.

It’s not only the little guy app developers who fail foul of bad usability; even the big guys can get caught out. Take Google Wave, which launched with a hugely complex feature set and commensurately low usability levels, and predictably flopped. That’s not to say that Google didn’t run usability tests on the Google Wave app before launch – of course they did. But it’s possible they didn’t run them adequately.


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