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Introducing Loop11’s Tester Panel

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Written by Ben Newton,

24 March, 2020

For the past 12 months we have been building a panel of paid testers from around the world who have had to perform stringent qualification tests to ensure they are ready and able to complete usability studies on our platform.

We were wanting to build out our panel tools further before launching, however, in the current global climate (read more about our COVID-19 response here) we want to start offering work to our panel of website testers to help ease any financial burden they might be facing.

So, here is how you can use our panel of testers. When you are creating your study, reach out to us on support @ loop11 dot com and let us know what your requirement requirements are. Things like:

  • Demographics (age, gender, location, martial status, smoking behaviour, etc)
  • Total numbers
  • Budget

We will also need to see the study design in your account so we can confirm a price. The longer your study, the higher the cost.

With cost in mind though, we’re going to be waving most of our charges and passing the money straight on to the website testers. We normally charge $1-2 per minute. We will be cutting that in half to between $0.50 – $1 per minute.

Please reach out with any questions, or feel free to start booking in panel participants with us on support @ loop11 dot com

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