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User Testing on Any Website – No Code Required

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Written by Ben Newton,

22 June, 2017

Testing a website or prototype just got a lot easier.

We’re happy to announce a new version of our no-code user testing solution is now live and enables usability tests to be ran on virtually any website or prototype.

What this means is as a UXer you no longer need to get your dev team involved to add JavaScript to your website. This is obviously a huge time saver! What is really cool though is how our no-code solution opens the door to fast, efficient and insightful competitive benchmark testing and cross domain customer journey path mapping.

You can now set-up and deploy user tests anywhere online in minutes. No longer do you have to wait for 3rd party approval or developer assistance.

The main material difference between our standard user testing (which requires the insertion of JavaScript) and our no-code solution is that for the no-code studies participants will run through the tests with the assistance of a browser extension (if on desktop) or a mobile app (if on their phone or tablet). This adds approximately 5 seconds to the start of a participant’s experience but opens up a world of testing to you.

Before launch we tested our no-code tests for months and saw no signs of increased participant drop off when compared to the standard JavaScript user tests.

Start your 14 day free trial with Loop11 today and launch your first user test in 30 seconds.

Happy testing!

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