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User Videos & Audio Are Here!

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Written by Ben Newton,

22 January, 2018

With the launch of user videos and audio, Loop11 has taken a giant step towards being the market leading user testing tool not only for quantitative studies but also for qualitative testing.

We’re happy to announce that our users will now have the option of recording a participant’s screen, face and audio during a user test. The flexibility now exists for users to configure their tests to utilize any, all or none of these media recording options.

Loop11 CEO, Toby Biddle said; “Many tools feature video recording capabilities, but few allow the user to save time by using quantitative data, such as task success or failure rates, to filter out participants and then narrow down to specific insight rich videos.”

Loop11 users will also be able to download their media files to save offline or edit in their preferred editing software.

The video and audio recording functionality is available on desktop as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

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To record videos and audio with Loop11 you must choose our ‘no-code’ solution.

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