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The Loop11 JavaScript – Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Written by Ben Newton,

2 February, 2016

Many of our users are often faced with what they presume is a difficult task – including JavaScript in their website. Sometimes it’s the daunting task of getting the IT department to implement the otherwise simple ‘copy and paste’, other times it’s concerns revolving around security, page load time or SEO. The good news is Loop11’s JavaScript does not negatively impact any of those areas. In fact, your website most likely already has similar code inserted within it in the form of Google Analytics.

Inserting The JavaScript

The first and most common area of concern is adding the JavaScript to a website. The Loop11 code snippet is only two lines but can still look intimidating to those who are not used to looking at code. Put simply, if you can copy and paste then you can insert the JavaScript, no tech background required!

Sometimes you do need the IT department to get involved in order to access the area where you would paste the JavaScript and this is where headaches can begin. We’ll address those ‘headaches’ in a minute, but first, where do you need to paste the JavaScript?

Nine times out of ten there is only one file, often called ‘footer’, where the JavaScript needs to be placed. When you look at code you will see something that looks like this, </body>, and you simply need to paste the Loop11 code above this.

Now for the headaches…

But I Can’t Access The Code!

That’s not a problem. Many websites utilize Google Tag Manager and this is more often than not managed by the marketing department. In this article we detail the simple steps to inserting the Loop11 code into your website using Google Tag Manager.

It’s also a breeze if you are using website builders such as WordPress (we have a WP plugin), Joomla, Drupal or SquareSpace or Shopify, just to name a few.

Will Loop11 Effect My Page Load Times?

Marginally, if at all. In comparison tests the presence of Loop11’s code on a website, for almost every scenario tested, does not cause the page load time to increase. Loop11’s code essentially lays dormant unless the user has specifically opted in to participate in the test. When Loop11’s code is activated the impact is still negligible.

Will Loop11 Impact My Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Definitely not. The main concern with SEO revolves around page load times which we’ve addressed above. Google has previously stated that only 1% of search engine results get penalized in relation to page load speeds. Additionally, a website will only be penalized if its load times are deemed as slow.

So wherever your website currently sits in terms of page load speed, Loop11’s impact is negligible and will not impact your current SEO performance.

In regards to Google (or other search engines) indexing your website containing Loop11 content this is also an unfounded concern. Unless you post a public link to your Loop11 test search engines will be unaware of its presence and will ignore any content associated with Loop11.

Is Loop11 Secure?

Yes. Loop11 has been subject to and passed risk and security assessments from many previous high level clients. The list includes

  • The Department of Homeland Security
  • Microsoft
  • Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
  • Blue Cross Shield of North Carolina

We take security seriously and you can rest assured that Loop11 will not compromise your existing security levels.

If you have any concerns that we have not addressed please reach out to us here, or via support when logged in to Loop11.

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