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Why is Customer Retention Highly Dependent on UX Design?

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Harikrishna Kundariya

Written by Harikrishna Kundariya

12 December, 2022

The success of any digital platform is driven by its User Experience, whether it is a mobile application or an e-commerce website of scale.

The lack of usability is one of the main reasons why most e-commerce businesses fail. Users abandon websites 90% of the time because of poor user experience, but mobile app users are five times more likely to abandon purchases if the app isn’t responsive.

In contrast, effective UX can increase conversion rates by 400%. A strategic and thoughtful UX leads to improved conversion and customer retention as a result of enhanced customer experience.

Let us first understand what User experience design (UX) is.

Creating a better user experience (UX) involves making something easy to use and more appealing. As a whole, it focuses on human-product interaction, including aspects of hardware design.

User interface design, or UI design, is part of the user experience design and focuses primarily on how the user interacts with computer software or an app. Due to the subjective and personal details involved with user experience design, it is considered both a technical skill and an art form.

It would help if you asked yourself the following questions when designing a product:

  • How can I solve the right problem in the best possible way?
  • What are the requirements of my users?
  • How do I meet the requirements of my users most easily and simply?

A better customer experience results from strategic UX thought, which boosts conversion and customer retention metrics. Perhaps it’s time to address your website’s UX design if your e-commerce company has been struggling with high turnover rates.

Here, we present to you 6 quick solutions you can apply to your e-commerce site to improve the user experience for your visitors and keep them coming back.

1.   Don’t stop Testing. Go for Retesting

Utilizing user testing to its full potential is crucial. Identifying what works and does not work on your platforms can only be done this way. In addition to conducting initial user testing, you should keep the process going on a regular basis. Crashed apps will only cause users to lose interest in the application and will eventually fail to retain customers.

Real users are observed during useability testing as they try to perform tasks on a website or app. You will ultimately save time and money by ensuring that your interface is both efficient and enjoyable for the user. Additionally, user testing guarantees that all applications may use your UX design. It aids in your perception of the needs and wants of your customers.

2.   Keep the Design Clear, Clean & Straightforward

The UX design of your website can significantly impact your customer retention. Ultimately, you want your customers to find it simple, easy to use, and enjoyable. In addition to your customers’ appreciation, your business will benefit from it too. To avoid alienating your customers, your user experience should be simple and intuitive.

3.   Consolidate Your Website And Applications

Make sure you give a straightforward interface that doesn’t overburden your clients with functionality, whether it’s on your website or in your app.

Even if it may be alluring, there is such a thing as offering your customers too much of a good thing. More than 75% of buyers base their assessment of a website’s legitimacy only on its appearance. Although you want your website to seem fantastic, remember that you don’t want to overwhelm the visitor. When putting UX designs into practice, go for elegant and not flashy.

4.   Prioritize Accessibility

When it comes to attracting and keeping customers, accessibility is essential. Ensure that your website doesn’t load poorly on specific devices by not making it too complex.

Make your e-commerce store accessible to users with a range of abilities. Your website or app should have audio descriptions for users who are blind or visually challenged. Additionally, add closed captioning to the website’s video material. This will help all of your users, not just those with hearing impairments.

It is crucial to ensure the accessibility of your product so that you can earn loyal customers by showing them how hard you are working to meet their needs. If you fail to consider the needs of your users, they may get frustrated when navigating your website.

The more accessible your product is, the more loyal your customers will be. Your brand will gain loyalty as they see your effort in reaching them and meeting their needs.

5.   Create A Pleasurable User Experience

It should be your goal to delight your users. Create a user experience that makes your website and app enjoyable to use. They will return if you provide customers with moments of surprise and delight.

It is possible to create a positive user experience by using badges, points, and compliments. There is no need for monetary rewards here.

You will retain customers by offering rewards that customers will want to keep obtaining. Users of Duolingo, for example, frequently return to the site due to the point and badge system.

Your website and application should also be well designed, from the homepage to the checkout process. For a pleasant user experience you should optimize the eCommerce checkout page, but at times creating a page or app that increases conversion is difficult and it is advised to take the help of an expert programmer, one can hire dedicated developers who are proficient in this field and can guide you to create an attractive looking web page and application.

6.   Keep Users Informed

You should constantly look for ways to improve your website and application when doing UX design.

Nothing is worse than utilizing a website or programme that appears dated or outdated with modern technologies. It would be best if you told your users of the changes to your platform. After all the effort to update functionality, it might be simple to forget about this stage. Utilizing project management tools will help you resolve this. Include among these tools a strategy for informing your users.

This can be done through:

  • Modal windows
  • Emails
  • Popovers

It might also be beneficial to alter your platform significantly over time if you decide to do so. Give your users a choice to make the change at first. Any bugs will be reported by the first users of the added features. Additionally, customers can let you know if they like the new features.

Due to the fact that you are providing the users with some control over their experience, this will result in excellent client retention.

Ending Note

Your customer retention can significantly increase with effective UX designs. You may increase the effectiveness of your websites and applications by implementing these changes to your platforms. Finally, remember always to keep things straightforward, approachable, and entertaining. Your customers will appreciate it, and your company will gradually profit.

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