More than just User Testing

With Loop11 there are a variety of tests and studies you can run. Here are a few of them.

Online Usability Testing

Analysis of website usability with users performing real tasks. Provides an understanding of the user behavior on your website. HOW and WHY your website is used.


Analyze your website against competitors or benchmark your website over time to ensure usability remains at high levels.

Prototype Testing

Test wireframes and prototypes before development commences. Optimizes design to determine the best layout and structure. Saves time and money.

A/B Usability Testing

Test multiple designs against each other to determine which design performs or converts better.

Mobile & Tablet Testing

Test the usability of your website on mobile devices and tablets.

Information Architecture Testing

Gives you the insights you need to design or refine a great information architecture.

True Intent Studies

Understand the primary goals of your visitors, how they achieve their goals and how satisfied they are with your website.

Search Engine Findability

Measuring the ease with which people can find your online properties and understanding the path they take to them.

AI Insights

Gain quicker and deeper insights into how users engage with your products using the power of artificial intelligence.

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