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Online Usability Testing

Listen directly to your users, gather their feedback, and turn those insights into actionable improvements.

UX Benchmarking

Run studies on both your own and competitors’ websites to uncover valuable insights and market trends.

Prototype Testing

Rapidly test prototypes and wireframes with real people. Loop11 is compatible with any prototyping software!

A/B Testing

Test and compare different designs, user journeys, and interaction possibilities with A/B or MVT testing.

Mobile and Tablet UX Testing

Test the usability of your app or website on mobile and tablet devices, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience.

Information Architecture Testing

Evaluate and refine the structure, organization, and navigation of your website or application.

True Intent Studies

Uncover user motivations, goals, and frustrations. Utilize diverse testing methods to gain insights and optimize.

Search Engine Findability

Understand user search behavior and pathways, uncover search terms and keywords, and maximize online visibility.

Moderated Usability Testing

Collect qualitative data and gain a deeper understanding of users’ motivations, frustrations, and actions.

Unmoderated Usability Testing

Test your UX with real users and gather unfiltered, authentic feedback with remote unmoderated testing.

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Explore Loop11 reporting features

AI Insights

AI analyzes all usability tasks and provides participant summary reports, including key findings and design recommendations.

Clickstream Analytics

Understand user paths, visualize clicks, identify patterns, and uncover insights to refine user journeys.

Heatmap Analysis

Gain quick insights into user engagement, focus areas, and interaction patterns for a more user-friendly interface.

User Session Recording & Replay

Watch user recordings to grasp navigation, decision-making, and pain points, providing valuable insights.

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AI Insights

AI Insights uses OpenAI and ChatGPT artificial intelligence to provide faster and more accurate insights from your user test data. This Loop11 feature will analyze results of each usability task and provide a participant summary and analysis report, including key findings and design recommendations, to improve your product design instantly.

Accessible for everyone in your team to use

No user research experience or training required

Streamline your research process and gather more insights

Unmoderated Testing

Test and optimize the user experience of your website or app with real users online. Remote unmoderated testing unlocks the power of authenticity as users engage with your product in their own environment, giving you unfiltered feedback.

Easy, quick and efficient remote usability testing

Ideal for user studies without high emotional demands

Access an extensive global pool of diverse participants

Moderated Testing

Gather real-time insights and gain a deeper understanding of users’ motivations, frustrations, and actions. Moderated testing provides an opportunity to collect qualitative data that aids in understanding the user better and creating the optimum user journey.

Engage in real-time interactions with your users

Ideal for conducting qualitative think-aloud studies

Test remotely from anywhere in the world

Our Clients Say It Best

“You should be able to prepare a user test very quickly. With Loop11, we can do that. Whereas traditionally, there was a lot of prep time for user tests, and you’d recruit users and invite them in. Loop11 is a very quick way to validate a design.”

Fran Jordan​

Design and Content Chapter Lead,
Vodafone Ireland

“We really wanted to capture those little bits of feedback that you can only discover when users are in the middle of doing something on the app: when they’re frustrated by something, surprised by something, or when they like something or find something particularly entertaining.”

R. Kali Woodward

FUNetix Founder

“Loop11 helps us to collect data around metrics, and then we can drive conclusions about which side performed better based on the data that we collect.”

Sarai Prado

Lead UX Researcher and Lab Lead,
Sperientia: [Studio + Lab]®


Loop11 provides the fastest and easiest way for you to set up and run a usability project. You could have results back within 24 hours! There’s no code to insert and no IT or usability knowledge required. Our step-by-step approach will guide you through the process, but we’ve got awesome support available if you need it

Loop11 offers three plan types: Rapid Insights, Pro, and Enterprise. Our pricing is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, whether you're a small business or a large enterprise. With Loop11, you can access powerful usability testing features at a cost that suits your budget. For detailed pricing information and to explore how Loop11 can benefit your organization, please visit our Pricing Page.

Yes, Loop11 offers a pay-monthly option, providing you with flexibility in how you choose to use our platform. However, if you opt for an annual subscription plan, you can enjoy a 10% cost savings.



Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at anytime. There are no contracts with Loop11, giving you access to valuable usability testing tools without a long-term commitment.



Find more information about our pricing options and why Loop11 is a cost-effective choice on our Pricing Page.

Yes! We offer a 14-day free trial to give you a feel for the Loop11 experience. During those 14 days you can launch up to three full scale projects with all the features of our Enterprise subscription, but with a few small restrictions.  Once you’re ready to upgrade, these restrictions go away. You can start your free trial here.

Thousands of companies use Loop11, including UX consultancies, agencies, government organizations, the education space, Not-for-profits, etc. Loop11 is used by usability consultancies as a complimentary tool to lab-based testing, web designers and developers to test prototypes during the development process and other online businesses to test and assess the usability of their websites.

Any website or interface that is hosted on a domain can be tested with Loop11. This includes live websites, wireframes and prototypes of any interface.

You sure can! Because we do not require you to insert code into your website you can run user tests on any website, including your competitors. It’s the perfect way to run benchmarking studies!

Absolutely! Loop11 incorporates cutting-edge AI capabilities, such as AI audio transcription, AI Insights, and AI Summary & Analysis with design recommendations.


Our AI features help you gather insights more efficiently and effectively, saving you time and effort in your usability testing and design projects.


To delve deeper into the capabilities and advantages of Loop11's AI features, please visit our AI Insights page.

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