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10 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

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Written by Toby Biddle

12 February, 2023

Every online store owner has encountered the problem of abandoned shopping carts. Shoppers will collect many things they are interested in buying from your business, but they will leave their coaches just before checking out.

About 70% of all purchases are abandoned, according to research. If you are not taking this figure seriously, you may be losing more cash than you realize.

You are lucky if you want to discover why customers leave items in their shopping carts instead of completing their purchases. The post below will show 10 ways and proper methods to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

1.    Enable Guest Checkout

Most clients are not interested in creating an account when making an online purchase, particularly first-time buyers. Increase revenue by allowing customers to check out as guests. It demonstrates respect for the customer’s time. The percentage of abandoned shopping carts is something you can significantly improve with its aid.

  • The checkout procedure may be sped up with the guest checkout option.
  • As soon as a consumer completes a purchase, it is a good time to urge them to sign up for your newsletter or establish an account so you can send them more promotional materials. Everyone benefits from this situation.
  • When you allow customers to check out as guests, you remove a potential barrier to conversion and cut down on cart abandonment.
  • It has been shown to lower the percentage of abandoned shopping carts.

2.    Using Exit-Intent Popups

When you see that a potential customer is ready to leave your website, an exit-intent popup might entice them to stay. When a user is about to leave your site, either because they are moving their mouse to a different tab or clicking the “X” to shut the current account, you may prompt your exit intent popup with an irresistible offer.

  • To cut down on the number of customers that leave your online store without completing their purchases, you should install exit popups on every page.
  • When accompanied by a discount, a coupon, or some other kind of incentive, and when placed on product pages throughout the checkout process, these popups are at their most beneficial.

3.    Use Trust Signals

When asking a prospective consumer to do anything, such as fill out a form, you should use strategies that help earn their trust. For instance, improving your shopping cart abandonment rate may be accomplished mainly by incorporating trust signals into your site.

Users will likely hesitate when asked to provide sensitive information like a credit card number. It stands to reason. Their skepticism is valid, and you must address it before they can put their faith in you.

These are meant to reassure clients that their information is secure with the company, even if they do not look like much at first glance. Various retailers use these, so including them on your website is a good idea. Incorporating these services’ trust signals into your site is a breeze if you already use them.

4.    Thumbnails to Show Items

To complete a purchase, customers must have a clear mental image of their purchasing item. The solution is to provide thumbnail images of every item in the shopping basket when the customer is checking out.

Distraction, when shopping is a problem for almost all consumers, and this strategy, may help you avoid it. The Baymard Institute found that 86% of the most popular 100 online retailers use product preview images.

Moreover, Baymard conducted a case study on Macy’s—one of the world’s biggest stores—to demonstrate thumbnails’ value in enhancing the entire user experience.

5.    Send abandoned cart emails

Customers who signed up for an account on your website findability may be contacted via that medium. Email automation tools like MailChimp may be used to contact clients whose shopping carts were abandoned. Take advantage of this chance to promote your items and bring back forgotten purchases.

Making your abandoned cart email stand out is the best way to recoup lost sales.

  • The importance of writing an attention-grabbing topic line
  • Calling attention to a single (popular) product
  • Using your imagination in your copywriting may highlight the qualities that make your brand unique.
  • Consider offering a discount, but tread carefully; otherwise, consumers may start to anticipate a discount email when every basket is abandoned.
  • Emails sent after a consumer has abandoned their shopping cart may be used to encourage them to use their accumulated reward points.

6.    Offer Free Shipping

One of the best ways to keep customers from abandoning their purchases is to provide free delivery. If a customer has completed the checkout process and discovered an unexpected shipping price, they will likely leave the purchase.

  • When people shop online, the delivery cost has a tremendous psychological influence.
  • Make sure that your shipping policy, if you have one, is clearly stated on your website.
  • Clarity on the requirements for free delivery is essential in attracting and retaining clients.

7.    Providing a Wide Variety of Methods of Payment

Statistics show that if a customer is presented with a payment option they are not comfortable with, they are more likely to leave their basket than if they were given a choice. Some favor PayPal, while others like Stripe.

  • If you want to keep your online shoppers from going elsewhere because you do not accept their preferred payment method, it is wise to work with many processors.
  • If you need to accept payments from customers outside your organization, you may add support for their system.
  • The rate at which consumers leave their shopping carts may be lowered by offering various payment options.

8.    Streamline Your Checkout Procedure

How long does it take a typical customer to purchase at your shop? Entrepreneurs seldom consider this possibility. The best strategy for doing this is to examine and assess the checkout procedures used by similar businesses.

It does not matter what you end up using to tally your results, whether a spreadsheet, a questionnaire, or anything else. To achieve objectives and decrease online shopping cart abandonment, try out several A/B testing plugins for your website.

  • To maximize sales, you should do all your power to reduce customers’ hassle while purchasing your business.
  • There are several methods to improve the checkout procedure and you can implement them immediately.
  • You may compare the performance of one page against multi-page checkouts using A/B testing.

9.    Using a Progress Indicator

In the same way that people dislike waiting in online shopping cart checkout lines, they also dislike standing in real ones. At least they know how many people are ahead of them in a physical queue before it is their turn. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting in a digital line to read pages and fill out forms without knowing how long the wait will be.

  • If you want to keep the typical consumer engaged and curious about the status of their purchase, you need to provide them with a progress indicator on your website.
  • Progress Indicators are intended to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the checkout procedure.
  • The progress bar is a valuable convenience and an effective means of decreasing the number of abandoned shopping carts.
  • The usefulness of the progress bar in communicating the status of a customer’s order cannot be overstated.

10.  Build Trust

Customers are becoming meticulous about who they will do business with and why. Therefore, honesty and openness are fundamental to the success of your online store.

Concerns about the safety of their financial information architecture rank second among shoppers’ reasons for abandoning their carts before checkout. To build trust in your website, a website should have an SSL certificate that ensures data safety over the web. Customers want to know that their financial details will be kept secure and that there will not be any hidden fees.


You cannot afford to ignore the problem of shopping cart abandonment. It may make or break your success as an internet business. The Christmas shopping season is almost approaching, so now is the time to ensure your cart abandonment rate is as low as possible.

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