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How UX Writing Can Help Create Good Design

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Nancy Howard

Written by Nancy Howard, UX and SEO specialist

28 March, 2023

UX writing is an essential aspect of website and app design yet it is often overlooked. Even though a picture may be worth a thousand words, it is still important to have well-written pieces of text that serve their respective purposes. Without further ado, here’s how UX writing can help create good design for your website or application.

#1 Improve the Overall UX Design

First of all, UX writing will help you improve the overall UX design of your website or application. It’s not just the details that will be positively affected – it is also the overall look and structure of your design that will be improved.

For instance, when you are creating well-written UX texts, you will likely be able to reduce the amount of space they take up because you will be writing more concisely. This space can be used for other design elements or can be left untouched to create better visual balance.

#2 Encourage Interactions

Websites and applications that get the most interactions are the ones that are designed well and have high-quality UX writing. In other words, by working on your UX writing, you can encourage more interactions and engage your audience more effectively.

Imagine that a website visitor is browsing your site and sees short pieces of UX text that explain which actions they can perform to get the specific information they are interested in. If you simply write blocks of text explaining these things, the person might not read them at all. But if you apply the principles of UX writing to the task and create concise and precise UX texts, you will encourage the site visitor to engage with your website and perform the actions.

#3 Minimize the Amount of Web Text

As mentioned earlier, if you work on your UX writing, you will be able to improve the overall design of your website or application. One of the ways you can do this is by minimizing the amount of web text you have on your site or app because UX writing requires conciseness.

If you don’t know how to make your texts shorter while keeping their meaning, you can find qualified writers by checking custom writing reviews at All Top Reviews. An experienced writer can help you work on your UX writing and improve it in no time.

#4 Communicate Your Message Clearly

If your UX writing is truly good, you will be able to communicate your message clearly and explain everything you want to explain. You need to establish a connection with your audience, and high-quality UX writing can be critical for that.

One of the most important rules for good UX writing is keeping your language clean and being clear with your meanings. This is why good UX writers can create texts that don’t have double meanings and will never confuse your site visitors or app users. They are meant to be understandable even for non-native speakers.

#5 Build Your Brand Image

Because consistency is so important in UX writing, you can actually utilize UX texts for building your brand image and branding your design. It’s a great way to build your image both through visuals and text.

For instance, you will need to maintain the same tone and voice of writing in all your UX texts which will help you create a specific image of your brand for your site visitors or app users. These are small things, but they play a very important role in the long run because they help build and maintain your brand without losing your identity. The details in your UX writing will add up to form a particular kind of brand image.

#6 Help Readers in Comprehension

As explained earlier, high-quality UX writing helps you clearly convey your message to your intended audience. Moreover, UX writing can help readers with comprehension. In other words, you can help site visitors and app users understand your texts in their entirety without any issues.

If you don’t think your skills are good enough for writing good UX texts but you need to create some already, you can get in touch with the writing agency Trust My Paper. You will be able to hire professional writers who will help you create any and all kinds of texts you need for improving the UX of your website or application.

#7 Make Navigation More Intuitive

By improving the overall design of your website or application through better UX writing, you will obviously be making navigation more intuitive. With better navigation, users can have a more enjoyable browsing experience and will be more likely to come back to your website or app.

Imagine that a user is trying to click between your web pages quickly. They can do it by going through multiple links, but if your UX design and writing are good, they will likely only need to check the menu. Of course, the menu should be structured smartly as well to be user-friendly.

#8 Create a Visually Appealing Design

Besides being generally better, your design can also look more visually appealing if you use UX writing smartly. Here are some ways that your website or application design can be improved through UX writing:

  • There will be more balance between design elements and empty space.
  • There will be less visual clutter and unnecessary elements or texts.
  • There will be more opportunities for your to upgrade your design in the future.
  • The design will be more representative of your brand identity.
  • The design will look more innovative because it will represent bolder decisions.

#9 Get Creative and Experiment

Last but not least, good UX writing can help you get creative and experiment with your design more. Adding to the previous point about the ways you can make your design more visually appealing, it’s important to look for innovativeness in everything you do with your UX writing.

It goes without saying that there are certain principles applied in UX design and writing. There are also different trends that arise from time to time. However, that doesn’t mean that you should try to do things your own way. Through experimentation, you can find new ways to present a unique design that will represent your brand image while creating the best experience for your users.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it is necessary to improve your UX writing even if you are confident in your skills. The better your UX texts are, the more you can improve your overall design. Use the tips in this article to start creating well-written UX texts for your website or application to improve its design, usability, and more.

Nancy Howard

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