Case Studies

Finding The Holes In Your Website’s UX

Fact #1: Many companies spend thousands of dollars on their website. Fact #2: Most of these companies have little idea whether their website is achieving its goals. UX testing is the mechanism that informs a company as to whether their website is working for them or against them. The following article provides a high-level report […]

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Competitive Benchmarking: The Art of UX Espionage

For many companies, competitive benchmarking is a foray into the world of espionage. Being able to see which elements of your competitor’s website are working, and which are not, can be a revelation. One of Loop11’s great features is the ability to run user testing on practically any website. It was this ability which Loop11 […]

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Benchmarking, User Testing & Websites

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is one of the world’s leading independent organisations for medical humanitarian aid. Every year nearly two hundred Australians and New Zealanders are sent to and supported in the field by Médecins Sans Frontières Australia. In late 2015 MSF ran a Loop11 study on to collate visitor feedback and form benchmarks on […]

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Prototype user testing with Axure & Loop11

In late 2015 a major bank used a combination of Loop11 and Axure to create and test some new prototypes aimed at improving the user experience for their internet customers. A prototype is a mid to high fidelity representation of the final user interface. In this instance the prototypes, while looking like a polished website, only contained two or […]

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Testing The Fastest Way To Grow An Email List

At Loop11 we have a lot of website traffic. We rate well in search engines and have a lot of potential customers visiting our website. Up until recently we have not made email collection a priority, however, this has increasingly become something that we view as more and more important. So we devised an offering […]

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Bad UX Costs Charities

Bad UX Is Costing Charities Money

“How can good web design for a non-profit organization result in a better user experience, resulting in a higher likelihood of securing online donations?” Charities are often excused from executing at the level expected of for-profit companies. However, due to the positive impact they can have a counter argument exists that charities should put just […]

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Education Powerhouse Quantifies User Happiness

Teach for All used Loop11 to uncover real UX insights and feedback that led to critical website improvements.

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Loop11 Answers Samaritans Call For Usability Help

SiftGroups ran a project to explore the usability of Samaritans’ established website with a view to informing how to shape its approach to the forthcoming website redesign.

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