How to test the usability of wireframes.

One of the most common uses of Loop11 is to test the usability of wireframes, prototypes and concepts. This newfound power has surprised some people, as for the first time they can now test the usability of wireframes, as easily as they can a website. You may have read the Boeing Credit Union wireframe case study, and wondered how it was done. Well, for those of you wondering, this is how to test wireframes using Loop11.

Well for those wondering how, this is how to test wireframes using Loop11:

  1. 1.  Design some wireframes
  2. 2. Export your wireframes in HTML
  3. 3. Upload the exported wireframes to a public domain
  4. 4. In Loop11, enter the URL of the wireframe as the starting point URL (see below)

Create some tasks and questions to suitably test their usability and Tthat’s pretty much it! Now test it as you would a normal website. Now there are no excuses, we expect a massive influx of wireframe usability tests now.

If you would like to know more about wireframe testing, checkout our case studies here or contact as at support@Loop11.com.

Happy Testing!

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