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Microsoft Chooses Loop11 for Usability Software

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11 April, 2012

We are proud to finally announce that Loop11 has beaten a swathe of worldwide rivals to secure a licence deal with Microsoft‘s Office Experience Group.

Under the terms of the licence agreement, Microsoft’s Office Experience Group will utilize Loop11’s to conduct its online usability testing.  The win came after the team’s extensive benchmarking exercise of usability tools in the world marketplace.

We were chosen due to our ability to conduct rapid online usability testing across the range of Microsoft Office applications.  In addition it was the speed of software set up and implementation, ease of use, combined with the ability to meet strict security requirements, as well as the strong analysis capabilities that placed Loop11 in the winning position.

Our CEO, Toby Biddle, commented, “We’re delighted that a giant such as Microsoft has awarded Loop11 the business.  Traditionally, usability testing is conducted in the lab and relies on the more expensive and invasive method of recruiting participants and behavior observation.  Loop11 enables you to conduct fast online usability testing in over 40 languages, making it unbeatable for running worldwide projects from the comfort of your own office.”

Launched in 2009, the software was designed by Loop11’s team of developers to meet the needs of its sister company, usability consulting firm UsabilityOne.  “We were always seeking a cost effective usability tool that generated reliable statistics,” continued Biddle. “Before we developed Loop11, we found lab-based studies to be too small in sample size and although there were other software products in the marketplace, we found them inflexible and prohibitively expensive to be able to run iterative usability studies throughout the development of a website.  The answer was to build our own software based upon our 15 years of usability consulting experience.

“The beauty of Loop11 is its ability to be used by companies not just of Microsoft’s size, but also by small businesses, educational institutions, not-for-profits and government who want to run their own usability studies, continued Biddle. “With the increase in the number of digital applications, it has become more important for businesses to be smart about testing usability.”

If you too want to test like Microsoft grab yourself an annual licence starting at just $1,900 enquire about one NOW!

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