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Why These Top Graphic Designers Moved Into Visual Design & UX

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Nouman Ali

Written by Nouman Ali

7 January, 2021

Gone are the days of magazines and posters. Nowadays design has a whole new meaning with multiple layers that are not limited to graphic design only. With the constantly rising popularity of illustrations, people are coming to terms with the fact that traditional graphic designing does not cover most of the requirements of a well-established digital user experience.

There’s an emerging demand for new skill sets and creative services that has led to graphic designers moving into the fields of visual design and User Experience (UX) design as this encompasses all the different tasks of a designer, including digital design, user experiences, interfaces and the whole process of rebranding or creating a whole product or service from scratch.

The need for graphic designers to transition to visual and UX design is important in order to keep up with the changing modern digital world.

What Do Graphic Designers Do?

Graphics are found everywhere from commercial advertisements, billboards, posters, product labels, ads, websites, laptops to mobile phones because all corporations, whether big or small, need both printed and digital designs to promote their brands or services.

Graphic designers are responsible for all of this; you see an ad about a product or an eye-catching logo of a brand that’s enough to hold your attention for a bit, that’s one of their many responsibilities. Graphic designers are often like visual storytellers, and brands use them to communicate and showcase their ideas to the world by creating logos, promotional campaigns, and posters for them.

It is the job of a graphic designer to not only handle their ideas and different projects but to take what the brand is trying to sell and deliver a message that evokes emotions in the audience as well. Nowadays, marketing is the basis of every campaign, and graphic designers help make you sell an idea or a dream by using imagery and striking visuals.

What does Visual /UX Designers Do?

Visual designers have a more specific role in the digital world, as they are the faces behind what the audience sees on a screen rather than the behind-the-scenes work. Visual designers help create web banner ads, different templates for emails/messengers, visuals for a website, overlay for a tab or icon.

In other words, a visual designer designs for different digital platforms like interfaces, websites, games, and artwork for different projects. Visual Designers help in giving a project a new direction. For example, a cleaning company may hire a Visual Designer to create visuals for their websites that prompt visitors into converting.

User Experience Designers do their job on more of a personal level by creating different designs that are relevant to each specific user and idiosyncratic as well. An example of this would be the iPhone or take any well-known product in mind; it’s not only a product for the users but more of a personalized and integrated set of experiences for the user.

UX Designers not only create a layout but conduct different kinds of surveys and interact with the users on a friendly basis to fulfill and meet all their particular needs. This is a great tactic to help make the users feel more at home and sell their products at the same time.

The Reasons Graphic Designers Moved Into Visual Design

There’s an ever-increasing demand for more personalized marketing and promotional campaigns. In the context of this rising demand, here are a few reasons why graphic designers have moved into visual design.

1.    Lucrative Career Option

The world has turned into a global village, and every corporation keeps up with the daily updates to stay in the competition. When there’s a high demand for innovative and personalized products, brands and companies are also willing to pay more than what a normal graphic designer earns creating logos and prints for a brand. So, it’s not only a safe career choice but a rewarding one as well.

2.   Similar Skill Set

This is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity as both jobs require the same basic knowledge and skillset, so it’s a very profitable option to shift from graphic designing into visual designing as both have to work closely with the audience of a product or the services they’re providing and not only deliver the message of the brand but also help the users feel more connected and relate to the message as well.

3.   More Creativity

In today’s age, it’s important to have a career where you are challenged every day and expected to come up with new and creative ideas; as the visual design is more personalized, it helps you stay visionary and not fall into a rut. Visual Designers get to work on different projects that require imagination.

4.   Growth and Learning Options

Visual Designers have to dive deep into the origin story of a specific brand to help their users see their message and start a project from scratch and rebrand a product to increase efficiency, so all these responsibilities provide for a great learning experience and help grow a designer as well.

5.   Visual Design Can Have Real Impact

Working on a personalized level, visual designers have a long-lasting impact on the audience as people associate their lifestyles and own stories with different products, and designers help corporations deliver this dream. Brands often use this to tell a story that resonates with the users as well.

Takeaway – Transitioning from Graphic Design to Visual Design

They say when the world is changing, it’s important to change with it instead of being left behind; that’s why moving from graphic design to visual design will be a turning point in your career as well because Visual and UX design has a whole new world, full of opportunities that can help expand your career as well and be more innovative.

In the digital age, it is important to be in a profession where you are constantly learning, growing, and interacting with your specific audience on a personal level to help brands and users come together.

Have you switched careers from a graphic designer to a UX designer, what were your reasons?

Nouman Ali

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