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Loop11 partners with TestingTime

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Written by Toby Biddle

3 May, 2021

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Loop11 is excited to announce that we’ve improved your research experience by joining forces with TestingTime.

You can now source European participants for your UX projects directly from the Loop11 dashboard!

With four European offices and a growing pool of over 750,000 testers, TestingTime is one of Europe’s leading test participant recruiters.

TestingTime benefits

International and diverse pool

Test users come from 48 countries in Europe and beyond, including Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and France. They speak over 50 languages!

High quality testers

There are no professional testers or ‘study junkies’ in TestingTime’s pool. Members are vetted by phone and restricted to taking one test a month.

Trusted by top firms

TestingTime is used by Microsoft, Swisscom, Deloitte, UBS, AXA, Trivago, and Heineken. You’re in good company!

How do TestingTime and Loop11 work?

Unmoderated test projects

TestingTime’s participants are available for unmoderated testing only; meaning no tricky time differences to navigate. Send out the link and have testers complete your project in their own time. 

Select direct from each project

You’ll find TestingTime’s panel inside each project you set up, in the ‘Participants’ tab.

Loop11 subscribers

With your business details already in our system, paying for your testers requires no additional steps.

TestingTime’s panel is not available on our free trial – so sign up now and access the full benefits and functionality of Loop11.

Photo by Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

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