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Get your wireframes usability tested for free!

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16 February, 2010

Current website or new wireframes – Which Works Best?

–   Do you have new wireframes for a current website?

–   Do you want to compare your new wireframes with your current website?

We’re putting a case study together to compare a current website with new wireframes. We are looking for people who have developed clickable wireframes that they would like to have usability tested and compared with the current website. The results will be published on our blog.

Using Loop11, we will ask 500 people to complete a few representative tasks on both the current website and the new wireframes.  Every movement and click will be tracked and analysed.  We will then write up a report comparing a range of usability metrics for both the wireframes and the current website.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has new wireframes for an existing website that they would like usability tested for free!

If that’s you, send us the URL of the existing website and an example of the wireframes, or even better, let us have access to the wireframes.

Simply send your details to: communication@Loop11.com

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