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SaaS Landing Pages – Best Practices for Conversion

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Written by Toby Biddle

9 October, 2022

Let’s assume your website’s traffic is receiving plenty of attention via a paid search, an effective SEO, or a social marketing strategy, and you are excited about it. After some time, you notice you are not reaping the benefits of this attention, and only a few people have filled out your form or explored your call-to-action. Therefore, if you want to make these visitors upload your e-book or maximize your traffic, the best approach is through conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Conversion rate optimization might seem like a demoralizing task, but you can think of it like you are working on a perfect recipe for a mouth-watering cake. CRO is about developing data-driven decisions around the components that make your website worthwhile. Below are the top practices that will help you up your conversion percentage.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is the process of expanding the percentage of visitors who engage in the desired action on your website. These actions include logging in to a service, clicking on a link, or buying a product. These CRO actions take up your financial commitment, resources, and time, so you must conduct them with great focus and accuracy.

The Best Practices of CRO

Conversion rate optimization is a crucial marketing strategy for various modern companies. If you want to increase your conversion rate, below are practices that can help.

Conduct Thorough Research

When you want to increase your website’s traffic, you must conduct thorough research and understand your audience. It could be challenging to augment your conversion rate if you target visitors who are not interested in your services and products. Collect important customer information like occupation, income, interests, hobbies, and demographics to understand your audience.

After you collect this relevant information, you will come up with marketing personas that are imaginary representations of your clients. These fictitious customers will assist you in understanding your target audience who require your products and services. Thus, you will reach more customers looking for your services, enabling your business to have more conversions.

Create Well-Defined Goals

You must define your objectives for your conversion rate to be efficient and effective. Your efforts will be wasted and scattered if you do not know what you want to achieve. So when you have well-defined goals, you will see what you are trying to accomplish and manage to set your company up for success. In addition, knowing your goals will also allow you to come up with the right steps to enhance your conversion rate. You can create several conversion goals like increased form submissions, improved sales, escalated email sign-ups, and more.

Concentrate More on Communicating the Value of Your Services and Products to Your Audience

Conveying the value of your services and products for your target audience is crucial if you want to enhance the conversion rates of your brand. Unfortunately, most companies concentrate more on why their brand offers the best services and products than on why their services and products are the best matches for their customers.

This is a big mistake since your customers do not want to know how great your brand is or why you are the top-selling company. Instead, they want to know how your services and products will enhance their lives and benefit them. Therefore, if you’re going to improve your conversion rates, you should take a client-focused approach when showing off the value of your services and products. By focusing on the needs and wants of your customers and addressing pain points when selling your services, you will get more visitors to convert.

Monitor Your Objectives and Competitors

To know if your conversion rate optimization attempts are successful, you should monitor your goals. Did the percentage of your conversion rate increase after you implemented CRO? Did your conversion rate remain the same or decrease? You will modify your conversion rate optimization strategy by staying on tabs with your conversion rate.

Monitoring your competitors is as crucial as watching your goals. Know their conversion rate optimization strategy and how they measure their success. The highest chance is that they have the same target audience as your brand, and what works best for them might work best for you.

Eliminate Irrelevant Form Fields

Have you ever tried to fill out an online form but got scared away by unnecessary fields? This is one way of killing the percentage of your conversion. Keep it short and sweet if you want your customers to provide feedback or fill out a survey form. Ask easy-to-answer and relevant questions instead of overloading your survey with unnecessary fields. You will manage to enhance user engagement if visitors do not have to engage a big portion of their time in filling out your survey form.

Eradicate Distractions

There is nothing more awful than clicking on a website that pulls you in several directions. Your website should be easy to navigate, concise, and clear. If something is not crucial, do not add it to your landing page. Consider A/B testing to see which version of the landing page works best. Stick to information that your visitors need and do not include unnecessary details. You should implement features and benefits, subheadings and headings, and testimonials if possible.

Make Your Call to Action Hard to Miss

Generic calls to actions like “Start Trial” and “Sign up” will not provide you with great conversion rates. Spending a few minutes improving your CTA to be hard to miss and clear will offer you an impressive conversion rate win. And if you want your target audience to focus on a specific part of your website, ensure that the CTA draws their attention. In addition to making your CTA clear, giving it bold-colored font is another great way of drawing a visitor’s attention.


Enhancing your conversion rate will help your SaaS startup earn more sales, event attendance, and form submissions. By keeping up with these practices, you will put your website on the top-end to grow online and receive more conversions. If you do not have a conversion rate optimization strategy, implement one and see how it helps your site.

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