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7 Best UX Podcasts to Listen To Now

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Written by Katherine Rundell

21 October, 2020

As you can tell in today’s day and age, competition for user experience (UX) design is everywhere. People are now seeing the potential of UX design, and how it’s responsible for creating many of the best tech products out there. They understand that poor UX makes a poor product. Therefore, UX designers must know all they can to help produce great tech products and please customers who seek them.

And what better way to get some great tips on UX design than to tune into a UX podcast? Podcasts are great media to learn about things nowadays, and the same is true for UX design.  Today, there are tons of podcasts that cater to UX designers – novice and expert – and are available to the online public anytime, anywhere. With the industry’s experts and thought leaders right there at your fingertips, you can listen to podcasts and learn some things from them instantly, thus making your time well spent learning.

Here are 7 of the best UX podcasts to listen to, and to make your more comfortable and more of an expert in your field:

  1. UX Podcast

This podcast is hosted by user experience professionals Per Axbom and James Royal-Lawson.. If you’re passionate about balancing business, technology, and users within the realm of digital media, then Per and James have you covered. The show usually brings on a thought leader or UX expert, when it comes to discussing topics on UX design. They’ll talk strategy, information architecture, cognitive neuroscience, story mapping, integrating lean and agile methods, and so much more.

  1. Big Web Show

Highly reviewed and award-winning, the Big Web Show invites viewers with featured interviews with web design industry leaders. As you tune in, you’ll learn about topics like

  • Web publishing
  • Art direction
  • Content strategy
  • Typography
  • Technology

Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, founder of A List Apart and publisher of the front-end bible Designing With Web Standards, Big Web Show is your go-to podcast on informative question-answer sessions with the industry’s most trusted experts.

  1. User Defenders

Hosted by Jason Ogle, and having a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Apple Podcast, User Defenders is all about the latest trends in technology as they happen. With more and more people turning to devices like wearables and other useful mobile devices, the “connected life” has never been more rampant with these technological miracles. And since technology has no plans of stopping from evolving, this is a great time in history to be a UX designer.

From topics on AI to what more can be done about UX design, this podcast has you covered by inviting exceptional experts from the industry. And, this podcast shows you the methods of building an effective UX portfolio.

  1. Experience Design with Tony Daussat (Now “Liftoff”)

Now called Liftoff by Bottle Rocket, this podcast will show you how UX design impacts the way we experience products, brands, and services, along with people’s everyday lives. With Tony Daussat as your guide and host, you’ll be introduced to vivid insights from thought-provoking solo shows, interviews with professionals in design, product management, and entrepreneurship. As you learn more about UX design, the products that it can bring to fruition, the industrial and service side of it, possible career choices for it, and even the business side of things, you can rest assured that no stone is left unturned. Daussat hopes to help demystify UX design, and to explore the inner creative that has us all stay curious.

  1. 99% Invisible

This podcast explores the process and power of UX design and architecture. With award-winning producer Roman Mars as the host, you’ll dive into (literally) the 99% of the design work through descriptive explanations – these explanations aim to show you how UX design is beneficial for making things that you might never even notice at first glance.

Now, while this show isn’t specifically about UX, it’ll still introduce you to everyday design elements that you never thought existed, thus enticing your taste in design.

  1. Usersknow

If you’re a UX designer or product manager, and if you’re not sure if whether or not users appreciate the work that you do behind the scenes, then the Usersknow podcast will assure that, of course, users DO know. Since more technological advancements have surfaced, more and more users are understanding what UX design is, and how it’s important to technology.

Hosted by Laura Klein and Kate Rutter (who are also designers, teachers, and lecturers specializing in applying UX to a world that’s already to comprehend it), this website is catered to UX beginners, as well as users who want to learn more about UX, and how to spot any errors in it with simple troubleshooting tips.

Learning how to troubleshoot problems in UX design can be useful to users, whenever they come across them in technology and it gives designers peace of mind by correcting mistakes right away and learning from them. This acts as Klein and Rutter’s mission statement for their podcast.

  1. Jake And Jonathan

The Jake and Jonathan Podcast (formally known as Product Breakfast Club) takes you behind the scenes when it comes to companies using UX design to transform their products and services for the better, especially in a world where technology is evolving day by day. Get to know the hosts here:

  • Jake Knapp is NY Times best-selling author of Sprint. And, he has helped companies like Slack, Nest and 23andMe build successful products that can benefit consumers.
  • Jonathan Courtney, co-founder of AJ&Smart, has worked with companies like RedBull, eBay and the United Nations, to help them build better and faster products.

Both Jake and Jonathan have teamed up in this exciting podcast to discuss things like product design, innovation, and productivity.


As demand for UX professionals and designers continue to rise in today’s tech world, there will still be podcasts waiting to serve viewers with “the goods” on UX design – and these 7 podcasts are no exception! So, start tuning in today and have fun in UX design!

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