UX Testing for Agencies

Usability Testing For Agencies

When many people think of usability testing or delving into the user experience of an app or website they think it is something that is only done during initial design and development. This is a significant oversight.

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The user experience should arguably be the most important ongoing consideration for any company. As such UX testing, and constant contact with users, should form a major part of any design, marketing or growth strategy.

We’ve noticed that many agencies are leaving a heap of value on the table and could be doing more to differentiate themselves from the competition and assist their clients reach new heights.

Ongoing or regular user testing can include:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Tests
    Loop11 allows you to regularly ask visitors to rate your client and their website. Don’t want every user to be asked? No problem, tweak the settings so only a certain percentage of visitors are asked.
  • System Usability Scale (SUS) Tests
    Keep on top of design and development changes as they’re released with SUS tests. Nothing gives a faster indication of usability levels and, much like NPS, you control how frequently visitors are asked the questions.
  • Benchmarking Tests
    Smart companies run usability tests at regular intervals to gauge user opinion and where opportunities may lie. Here is a perfect example of a benchmarking success story.
  • Prototype Testing
    As new features, sections or entire designs are developed, the quickest and safest way to get user validation is via prototype testing. This is a breeze with Loop11. Read these articles about Loop11 testing with InVision, Axure, JustInMind.
  • Testing on SquareSpace, WordPress, Shopify… any website!
    Great news, developers are not needed to get Loop11 running on a website. You can insert Loop11 code straight into your Google Tag Manager account in seconds, here’s how. It’s also a breeze if you are using WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify or dozens of other website builders.
  • Accessibility Testing
    More and more companies are waking up to the importance of accessibility testing. The great news is Loop11 has you covered. Our testing interface was developed in conjunction with accessibility experts so users with disabilities will be able to navigate the tests and provide valuable feedback.

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