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Usability Testing Recruitment Panels

In our previous video, we explored various methods to recruit participants for usability testing. Today, we dive deeper into the top panel options available with Loop11 and the unique advantages each offers:

User Interviews: Access a diverse pool of over 4 million participants, targeting niche consumer and professional segments with same-day matching.

TestingTime: Ideal for think-aloud studies with over 1 million global participants, providing flexibility for remote or on-site participation.

Prolific: Known for high-quality, vetted participants with over 250 demographic filters, ensuring ethical pay and engagement.

Loop11 Panel: Our own panel of highly qualified participants, ensuring reliability and quality in your usability tests.

Each panel has its unique strengths, allowing you to find the perfect participants for your studies. Join us as we explore these options and help you make informed decisions for your usability testing needs.

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Video Transcript:

In our previous video, we looked at how to recruit participants for a usability test. The three main ways were via link, via pop-up invitation, or via panel. Today, we’ll delve into the various panel recruitment options available and highlight the unique strengths each panel offers.

Our panel options are:

  1. User Interviews
  2. TestingTime
  3. Prolific
  4. Our own Loop11 panel

With User Interviews, you can find niche consumer and professional segments from their extensive pool of over 4 million participants. You can target participants based on job titles, seniority, skills & software, company size, industry, and more. User Interviews can provide same-day matching for most audience segments and you can source, screen, schedule, and incentivize participants all in one tool.

Next, we have TestingTime. With over 1 million global participants, TestingTime is particularly well-suited for think-aloud studies, making it an excellent choice for in-depth qualitative research. They make it easy to organize, schedule, and pay your study participants. Whether you need participants to take part remotely, at your location, or even in their own homes, TestingTime provides the flexibility and support to manage your studies effectively.

Then there’s Prolific. Known for its high-quality, thoroughly vetted participants, Prolific offers robust filtering options with over 250 demographic filters. This makes it easy to find the exact participants you need from their pool of 130,000 individuals. Additionally, Prolific emphasizes ethical pay and participant engagement.

Finally, let’s talk about our own Loop11 panel. Our participants are chosen based on their proven ability to join usability studies. Each participant must pass a qualification test, ensuring they are well-equipped to complete usability tests effectively. This ensures high reliability and quality in your test results.

Each of these panels offers unique strengths, providing you with a range of options to find the perfect participants for your usability tests. Whether you’re looking for niche professionals, global participants, or highly vetted individuals, there’s a panel for you.

Thank you for watching and happy testing!


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Learn how to recruit participants in Loop11. Explore effective strategies for sourcing participants, discover the various recruitment panels available, and learn to create precise screeners. Streamline your recruitment process and get testing right away.

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