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Creating a Blank Project

In this tutorial, we guide you through creating a new blank project in Loop11. From the Loop11 dashboard, learn how to start a project, choose the test type, and set up essential project details such as title, language, and recording settings. View Transcript

Video Transcript:
Today, we’ll look at how to create a new blank project in Loop11.

Starting from the dashboard, Click create new project.

From here, you have a few options: You can either Create a blank project, Use AI to create your test, or use one of our many project templates to give you a good base to start with. You can also clone an existing project. In this video, we’ll look at creating a blank project.

First, you’ll need to select whether you want to create an unmoderated or moderated test. If you want to interact with your participants, choose Moderated. There are pros and cons for both unmoderated and moderated testing but we’ll dive more into this topic in another video. Let’s choose unmoderated for this project.

Next, give your project a title. Let’s call this project [Website Usability Test].

Then, you can select the language your test will be conducted in, and your recording settings. For unmoderated tests, you can choose whether your participants are required to record their screen, webcam, and audio – or you can leave it optional. Note that for moderated testing, screen recording and audio recording is always required.

Click Save Changes here and you’ve now created your project.

The next step is to create your tasks & questions.

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