Create an impact by user testing your icons

Loop11 icon testing is a quick and easy way for designers and developers to assess their designs on real devices in the browser. See how your creations look in different sizes, what colors work best, and even get feedback from your audience before publishing. Create an impact that sparks conversions with an intuitive online icon testing tool.

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The importance of testing icons

Icons are important because they help people navigate your site and find what they need quickly. They can also be used to convey meaning or provide feedback and context, interacting with the user in a personal, sentimental way. Make your website and branding more meaningful, targeted and professional with user research icons that drive conversions.

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Test icons and know what works

Icon testing is a process that involves experimenting with various designs to see which works best for user engagement. A/B split test your creations and see how your users react, ultimately refining your navigational capabilities, interaction and audience funnelling.

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Increase conversion rates by up to 20 per cent

User testing icons is a proven method for increasing conversion rates and it’s also one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your site. With Loop11, you can assess the impact of your designs in minutes. Put your creations to the test, make refinements according to rich quantitative data and watch the conversions flood in.

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✅ Get the most out of your website icons

✅ Simple testing that shows what is working, and what is not

✅ Provide the best possible customer experience

✅ Boost your conversion rates and sales

It’s easy, quick, and cost-effective

We know that it’s hard to find an affordable solution for getting feedback from users of your website or app before launch – but not anymore. With Loop11 you can test your design, get feedback, then export the results in just a few minutes. Don’t waste any more time on this process when you could use Loop11 instead.

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Loop11 is the most advanced usability testing platform in the world, offering a suite of tools that allow you to test and measure your site’s UX. We’re here to make sure that every aspect of your site is as easy to use as possible so that customers have an amazing experience when they visit it.

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