Supported Prototyping Tools

Loop11 should work with pretty much any tool you choose. However, there are some key tools a lot of our users utlisize when testing. They are:


An extremely popular tool for rapid prototype creation with terrific integrations with Sketch and Photoshop to name a few. Learn more about prototype testing with InVision.


When you need a powerful prototyping solution look no further than Axure. It can be intimidating for beginners but it allows for a lot of control and flexibility when high fidelity prototyping is important. Learn more about powerful prototype testing with Axure.


Another powerful tool which includes a lot of design elements, JustInMind is one of the most popular choices of Loop11 users. Learn more about prototype testing with JustInMind.


Other Rapid Development Tools
Although the following are not prototyping tools, they do allow for the quick creation of websites which in turn could be used to prove out an idea.

User testing with:

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Supported Devices

Loop11 allows for user testing across desktop, phone and tablet devices.
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Not Just User Testing

Why stop at simple user testing? We let you run accessibility tests, competitive benchmarking & findability studies.
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