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Loop11 Data Collection

What is Loop11 & why does it collect data?

Loop11 is a user experience testing tool which allows companies to run usability studies on their prototypes or websites, both on desktop and mobile devices. During these studies, members of the general public are invited to participate in the testing at which point they will be asked to complete a series of generic tasks. Tasks are often followed by questions seeking to better understand the experience of the participant as it relates to the website or prototype being tested.

During tests Loop11 collects relevant data (detailed below) that is in turn presented to our clients in the form of reports. Data is only collected while a participant is involved in a usability test.

What data is collected?

  • Mouse Clicks
  • Browser
  • Device (Desktop/Tablet/Phone)
  • Operating System
  • Screen Resolution
  • Duration (Time on test)
  • Navigation path (URLs)
  • IP Address *
  • Referrer URL
  • Video and audio **
  • Connection speeds ***
  • Date and time of participation

* From the IP address we also approximate location (City, State/Region, Country). In accordance with GDPR, EU participants will have their IP address anonymised after May 25, 2018.
** Video and audio are only recorded during certain usability studies. At the beginning of these studies, participants are notified of the recording request and must give their specific consent in order for the recording to progress.
*** If video or audio recording is requested, then Loop11 checks the participant’s internet connection speed to ensure the minimum requirement for recording exists.


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