Loop11 user testing is a breeze... Thanks!
Alan Sparkes
This remote usability testing tool gives you loads of excellent reporting features!
Competitors don 't have the features which Loop11 offers.
Amera Khanam
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Case Studies

Loop11 Answers Samaritans Call For Usability Help

SiftGroups ran a project to explore the usability of Samaritans’ established website with a view to informing how to shape its approach to the forthcoming website redesign.

Usability Case Study: Wireframe Usability Testing

A Swedish University recently used Loop11 to run a usability test on two different prototypes of a tourism website. Their testing yielded some interesting results.

Airline Website Usability: British Airways Soars Ahead!

A recent study to rate the usability for the world’s leading Airline websites, showed that the British Airways website is far and above the most user friendly website.

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Who Uses Loop11

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