2017 University Website UX Study

2017 University Website UX Study

UX-University-Report-CoverLoop11 has hundreds of clients who work at or for universities from around the world. We often receive questions surrounding industry benchmarks and what should be considered best practice. In response to these questions and in a desire to make our service more valuable we commissioned a study focusing on universities, run by our internal UX consulting team.

Online user testing was employed to conduct a comparative study evaluating five leading United States MBA University courses. The websites included in the evaluation were:

During testing, participants were asked to undertake high priority tasks including:

  • Find what subjects are included in the MBA course
  • Learn about entry requirements and enrolment procedures
  • Understand the potential career impact of the MBA offered
  • Learn about program costs and enrolment procedures

As a result we generated some great qualitative insights as well as valuable quantitative data including:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • System Usability Scale (SUS)
  • Task success rates

What we found from this study was fascinating. The potential loss in enrolments due to easily addressable usability issues was proved to be a real concern.

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