The Weather API

The Weather API

Frontend Development Test

This test is designed to allow you to showcase your development skills and creativity, utilising your preferred JavaScript framework.

This test requires that you make calls to a weather service API and create a component UI based around the resulting data.

Specifically, we would like you to create  a simple interface that displays the current weather in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Only one city should be displayed at a time, with a tabbed navigation allowing for switching between cities. Beyond this, it is up to you which information you surface and how it is presented.

The link to the API documentation is

We have already created an account for this test.

The application id is 930fc96a

The API key is bd8f96bc469b5f3a186a7b87da0f8ddd

Once you completed the interface to your satisfaction please add your code to Github and send a link to the repo to

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to Ben, at the aforementioned address.