This remote usability testing tool gives you loads of excellent reporting features!



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Easy, Affordable Online User Testing.... 5 stars!

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I\'m loving @Loop11’s participant filtering tool. It makes sure that only the participants that really tried are included in the results.

Brad Nunnally

User Experience Designer

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The Usability Factor... Analyze meaningful usability data using a highly refined and affordable interface.

Mikal E. Belicove

Entrepreuner Magazine

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Get quantitative AND qualitative usability metrics easily and affordably.

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Competitors don 't have the features which Loop11 offers.

Amera Khanam

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Loop11 makes it simple and easy to conduct usability testing on the Web.”

Christian Becker

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Just completed a 2-day user test and could not be more delighted with your software. It’s the Survey Monkey of user testing!

Nick Poole

CEO, Collections Trust

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It allows anyone to conduct user testing on any kind of web interface.... The process is really simple.

Ann Smarty

Editor, Search Engine Journal

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Loop11 user testing is a breeze... Thanks!

Alan Sparkes


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