Request event sponsorship

Loop11 can be a sponsor for your next conference, trade show, or general meetup! We want to offer something valuable for attendees to walk away with. We can be traditional or innovative, depending on your needs. Some examples of event sponsorships we can do:
  • Free giveaways of usability subscriptions
  • Rewards for early-bird signups
  • Fun networking activities for first-time attendees (e.g. all first-time attendees are given a Loop11 sticker on their lanyard, while some are given a referral code for a free usability testing project. Those without a code are encouraged to team up with others, resulting in powerful networking opportunities and increased conference engagement)
  • Want to gather live user feedback for a website, app or landing page? We’ll encourage attendees to sign up as testers and run a simple usability test during your event!
If you like these possibilities, or if you have a different idea you’d like to try out, contact us to request a sponsorship.