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Loop11 offers flexible options so that you can test for as little or as long as you need to while accessing valuable and reliable metrics. Give your customers exactly what they want and boost revenue.

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The usability testing platform of choice for some of the world’s most successful companies

Get more flexibility with Loop11

At Loop11, we know you have a variety of popular options to choose from for user testing. But here’s why our robust UX testing tool can make a huge impact on your project and business.

Even though our competition doesn’t offer free trials, you can try all Loop11’s features, launch up to three full-scale projects, collaborate with your team, and see if we’re the right fit for your organization without any commitment.
Test the waters first
Only need to perform testing for a few weeks or a few months? Instead of forcing you into an expensive, fixed option, Loop11 gives you the flexibility to choose a monthly or annual subscription, and you can cancel at any time.
Stay as long as you need to
Whether you need to run test sessions for a few minutes or a few hours, go for it! Loop11 doesn’t make you pay extra regardless of the length of time. We want you to collect as much data as possible so that you know what your customers are thinking
No caps on test session length
Get sophisticated reporting on quantitative metrics based on larger, more reliable sample sizes compared to our competitors. We’ve also joined forces with dedicated recruitment tools for user participants or easily use your own list without paying extra or needing to upgrade.
Robust metrics. Dedicated recruitment tools.

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How does Loop11 work?

Step #1:

Get started in under 30 minutes

Loop11’s user-friendly test builder easily guides you through setting up your project to get you started right away. Add-in your own branding and gain full access to tips and strategies for writing effective UX questions.

Step #2:

Choose your ideal participants

Need a panel of verified user experience participants? Loop11 has you covered! Or, if you prefer, bring in participants from your customer list, social media followers, or email subscribers. Your choice at no additional cost.

Step #3:

Capture key user test data

Easily collect video, audio, or screen recordings to capture everything that happens during the testing phase. Loop11 gives you the ability to record any combination of data from the user’s screen so you can witness the customer experience firsthand.

Step #4:

Collect and analyze comprehensive UX metrics

Be the ultimate decision-maker with robust statistics and metrics to support your next steps. Valuable user insights from Loop11’s UX testing tool can be easily interpreted and downloaded to share with your team and other key members of your organization.

Who is Loop11?

Loop11 is an Australian-born and bred company serving UX designers, consultants, and researchers at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Our highly experienced team is focused on eliminating bad websites while helping our clients to better understand customer needs and improving their bottom line at the same time.

We strive to provide easy, affordable, and flexible options to suit any organization’s needs for UX testing. Our robust tool’s level of functionality outpaces most other products on the market, and our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Who is Loop11?

Your clients depend on your agency to develop websites that not only work and look good, but convert. Loop11 provides a range of insights you can translate into actionable design changes.
UX/UI Designers
Stakeholders demand informed, justifiable design decision-making. Draw from Loop11’s audio, video and screen insights for proof points around how users respond to products, apps, and messaging.
Product Managers

What our customers say about Loop11

“Just completed a two-day user test and could not be more delighted with your software. It’s the SurveyMonkey of user testing!”
Nick Poole
Collections Trust
“Loop11 was a pleasure to use and provided the appropriate data needed to get the most out of unmoderated user-testing.”
Jason Hester
Collections Trust
“Competitors don't have the features which Loop11 offers.”
Amera Khanam
“Loop11 is by far the best tool... A quick and high-end usability testing solution.”
Martin Beschnitt

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