Discover how people are using your site with click testing

First click testing examines what the test participant would click on first in order to complete their intended task. This helps you identify which elements are most important and where people may get lost or confused when navigating your site.

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Take the guesswork out of your website design

If you need to decide between two or more designs, you can use first click testing to quickly learn which design people prefer. You can test different icons to see which ones people understand and test multiple call to action buttons to see which ones attract attention.

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Improve your website’s conversion rate using click testing

You’ll have access to data that will allow you to see exactly where your customers are clicking so that they’re more likely to convert into paying customers. You’ll be able to see which version performs better with our A/B split testing software. This way you can make changes to your website based on what customers are actually doing rather than guessing what they might do in the future.

How Loop11 works

Ensure tasks on your site are clear and easy

If you’re looking for a way to make sure your website is easy and clear to navigate, first-click testing is the answer. We make sure tasks on your site are simple for users by using our proprietary technology to test different variations of each page with real users. This technique can help identify any problems with navigation, labelling, and other design issues before they become major headaches.

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✅ Ensure your users’ first click is the best click

✅ Improve your site navigation

✅ Enhance the customer experience

✅ Elevate your conversions

Develop a strong linking structure on your website or app

Loop11’s simple to use platform will enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your linking structure, including the navigation, to see if users can get around and complete their intended task. You’ll be able to see where they are clicking on your website and what pages they visit. This will help you make changes in order for them to find what they need more easily.

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Optimize your website or app before it goes live

First click testing is a great way for designers and marketers alike to get feedback on their work before it goes live. It’s also an easy way for anyone who needs help deciding between two options or just wants some quick feedback on what they’re working on

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