Loop11 Case Studies:

What is Loop11?

Loop11 is a web-based usability testing tool, that helps identify usability and navigational issues on any website. Conduct remote, unmoderated user testing on any kind of digital interface and get detailed quantitative usability and user-experience metrics. Loop11 is a completely self-serve and hosted usability testing solution.

Who Should Use Loop11?

  • Usability Professionals: Use Loop11 to generate quantitative usability metrics, or to complement lab-based user testing.
  • Web Developers: Test the usability of websites, protypes & applications.
  • Web Designers: Test and improve the usability of websites, wireframes and new designs.
  • Web Managers: Improve conversions and goals by identifying usability issues.

When to Use Loop11?

  • Website Usability Testing: Identify usability and user-experience issues across any website.
  • Competitor Comparison: Compare your website with your competitors’. See a competitor comparison case study here.
  • Benchmarking Study: Track and measure usability improvements over time.
  • Current Site vs Prototype Comparison: Make sure the new design is a significant improvement over what currently exists.
  • Feature and Function Test: Examine the usability of specific features or functions of your site.
  • True Intent Study: Find out the real reasons users visit your website and how they approach those tasks.
  • Online Research: Conduct online customer satisfaction, user-experience and market research studies.
  • Device Comparison: Compare the usability of websites on mobile devices and PDAs (iPhone & iPad). See a iPad vs PC usability case study here.

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