2017 UX Industry Study

2017 UX Industry Study

We have ambitiously set out to compile a comprehensive report on the world wide UX industry looking not only at the people but also the companies and trends.

The survey isn’t small and will take you about 10 minutes. Most of the heavy lifting is in the first 10 questions. We considered making the survey shorter and simpler but ultimately decided we were committed to running the most comprehensive UX survey to date.

If you have the desire to find out what is truely happening the industry then we firmly believe that our commitment and your involvement will produce an insightful, valuable report to share back with you and the broader UX and design community.

There is an option to enter your email at the end of the survey so we can email the results to you. Please note the email is not mandatory and the results will still be available to you, we simply won’t be able to notify you directly.

All survey results are anonymous and will only be reported in aggregate.

The test is now closed and we are collating results.

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