Free Consulting For New Annual Subscribers

For a limited time Loop11 is offering free consulting services to all new annual subscribers. New subscribers will be able to work with an experienced UX researcher on their first project with Loop11.

Many of you will have been in the scenario that as a part of a product team, or design agency, you realize the need for user experience research and testing but don’t have the internal experience to execute. Your options from there are to either:

  1. Wing it, and hope you get it right
  2. Hire someone into a UX role
  3. Outsource to a UX consultancy

The first option isn’t really an option and the next two often involve costs that you or your client can’t justify. So, what do you do?

Loop11’s answer? Get free mentoring from an industry leader who has seen it all and can set you up for sustained success.

Shefik Bey, Loop11’s co-founder and Head of Consulting, has been a UX pioneer for over 20 years. Founding Asia’s first dedicated UX Research agency, and the current host of the True North Master Series podcast, his expertise is unsurpassed.

For a limited time Shefik is offering the benefit of his 20 years’ experience to every new annual subscriber who signs up to Loop11.

Start a 14 free trial now – no credit card required

So what does this mean?

As an annual subscriber, you’ll not only get the full suite of tools that comes with a standard Loop11 subscription but, for your first project (and within the first 30 days of your subscription), you’ll also get the following:

  • Shefik will guide you through the ins and outs of project set-up and participant recruitment, including a 1hr consulting call to discuss your requirements
  • Expert help to carefully craft user testing to best meet research goals
  • Assistance with scripting and structuring tasks and questions
  • Advise where and how to recruit appropriate participants for your project
  • Another 1 hour call after the test has launched to ensure you are getting the most out of your testing
  • Provide recommendations for future rounds of user testing.

This form of UX consulting normally costs well in access of the annual subscription price and will ensure you are ready to make the most of your user testing for the rest of the year.

If you have any questions relating to Loop11 or Shefik’s mentoring you can send an email to, or you can start a 14 free trial of Loop11 now, no credit card required.

Start your free trial today!

In the meanwhile, listen to one of Shefik’s interviews from the the True North Master Series podcast.

Elizabeth Churchill, Director of UX at Google

Note: This consulting offer does not include report analysis or the generation of reports.

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