The More You Tweet, The Bigger The Discount – Starts Today!

Want to get Loop11 credits for as low as $11? Well here’s your chance! To celebrate 11.11.2011… Loop11 is offering the usability testing opportunity of the century!

Between October 10, 2011 and November 10th 2011, the more @Loop11 tweets there are the bigger the discount will be on November 11th, 2011. You won’t get a chance like this for another 100 years!

We have set five thresholds:

  • 100 Tweets = $300
  • 250 Tweets = $250
  • 500 Tweets = $100
  • 750 Tweets = $50
  • 1000 Tweets = $11

This promotion starts on October 10th, 2011.Visit our promo page to learn more and Tweet about it.

Happy tweeting and testing!

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