Loop11 for Startups

Simply, the most powerful online usability testing tool

Quantitative usability metrics made simple – unearth the how and why of your website and test the user experience of any HTML interface; websites, tablets or mobiles.

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FOR JUST $250 per annum

All the usability testing you need for just $250

Why pay thousands of dollars for lab-based testing sessions? Now you
have the power to test the user experience of any HTML interface for just $250 per annum.

The easy way to test your website and prototypes

Deliver real time reporting on the performance of your digital environments …no delays … no hassles …
just the unrivalled ability to base decisions on quick and hard evidence.

Boost website engagement and conversions

Understand what works and doesn’t work and make the necessary changes to improve engagement and conversion rates.

All types of testing… for all types of digital applications

Quantify your usability issues at any stage of the design process. Loop11 allows you to conduct all
types of testing – early and often – across a wide range of applications including website, mobiles and tablets:

  • Online Usability Testing
  • Wireframe Testing
  • True Intent Studies
  • Usability Benchmarking
  • Prototype Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Information Architecture

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