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Course Chapters

Lean principles and the agile development methodology has gained serious traction over the past decade with interface design teams. Correspondingly, Rapid Online Testing has emerged off the back of this, focusing and supporting product evolution.

Organisations are employing a handful of effective tools to facilitate a process of learning and innovation. This training course has been formulated to assist those either new to online user testing, or those wanting to hone their craft, navigate best practice approaches and ensure they are getting the most out of their testing.

What is Rapid Online Testing?

Rapid Online Testing is geared around multiple loops of very fast and cost effective testing and evaluation. The purpose of testing is to highlight issues and opportunities during the design process helping managers make informed design decisions.

Just because testing is executed and acted on rapidly, this doesn’t mean it is executed in a slapdash or callous manner. A carefully crafted approach of exploration, discovery, investigation, and learning is employed. Spat out the other end is a reporting framework which quickly, concisely and coherently directs design decisions based on what has been learned.

How to approach testing?

A sound understanding of your market and target audience (including their needs) is not a prerequisite for engaging in Rapid Online Testing, but it certainly gives you a head start. If you don’t possess subject matter expertise, then consider first running formative research which will provide a solid foundation to iterate and expand upon with Rapid Online Testing.

The good news is that there’s an impressive range of tools available to guide even the most inexperienced practitioner through the testing process. Within this course we’ll focus on the following topics:

  • Prototype creation
  • How to reach your target audience for testing
  • User testing for both prototypes and live sites
  • Developing an Information Architecture

Within each of these topics we’ll highlight some of the tools which will enhance the speed and quality of your decision making.

A day in the life of EverWear

For purpose of this course, we’ve created the fictitious sustainable clothing retailer, EverWear. With EverWear, we will take you on a journey demonstrating how we are able to use Rapid Online Testing to successfully increase user engagement and conversions.

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