New Feature: Participant Filtering

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Today we’re unveiling an exciting new feature to help add more value to your project reporting – participant filtering.

When we first launched Loop11 we made the decision to only show the results of participants who fully completed user tests in the reporting. We had a strong belief (and still do) that participants who do not fully complete user tests are not giving your tasks and questions their best efforts. So we excluded them from reporting altogether.

Since launching we’ve had many, many, many requests from our members to make the results of partially completed user tests available. We listened, and so that’s what we’ve done.

Here’s a bit of a tutorial of how it works:

  •   When you log into your account you will now find in your list of Launched Projects a column titled ‘Participants  Start/Finish’ (as shown below). This indicates the total number of participants who commenced your user test  followed by the total number who completed it.

  •   By default, your reporting will only show you the results of participants who fully complete your user tests. But if you want to change that so you can see the results off all participants up until they drop out of your user test you can now go to Settings, tick the box under ‘Include participants in the reporting that have partially completed  the user test’, then click Save Settings.

  •   In your reporting you’ll now see an indication of the total number of participants who completed each task. The early tasks will always have more as participants drop out of your project.
  •   On the right hand side, we’ve included a Settings Indicator that will always tell you whether you are looking at all participants or completed participants so you don’t have to remember.
  •   NOTE: If you set a quota of 100 participants, for example, your project will still only close after 100 FULLY COMPLETED user tests have been collected.

  •   When you’re analysing participants individually, you’ll also be told which participants were guilty of not fully completing your user test.

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be adding a few more useful features to Settings so you can clean up your data by excluding the results of participants who fall outside certain time-based and click-based thresholds that you can customise.

Stay tuned…and happy testing!

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