SilverStripe is an award winning open source CMS with global appeal and a clear focus on quality assurance and standards compliance. Always looking to add value to its community, SilverStripe is introducing its partners and user group to Loop11.
Loop11 is an online usability testing tool that enables you to test the user-experience of any HTML interface which can include websites, tablets and mobiles. It assists in identifying any navigational and usability issues.

Loop11 can be used throughout the entire development lifecycle and offers you the following:

conduct usability testing in the most secure environments

do as much testing as you want throughout the year

test people with disability in their home

test any HTML interface across all platforms and devices

it draws on the latest coding standards and technology trends

we give you all content required to sell Loop11 to your clients

it works with all leading wireframe, prototype and development platforms

can be used by any role in your organisation pre-during-post project

all instructional elements translated in 40 languages ready for use

receive training and support all year from professional UX consultants

Current users of Loop11 include: Microsoft, Telstra, ebay, Silverstripe, Reactive, Penguin Group (USA), SurveyMonkey, Honda, Vanguard

Anyone can set it up
No download for participants
Real time usable results

How much does an annual licence cost: Loop11 has a tiered pricing model making it more suitable and affordable. Annual licences start at just $1,900


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