Case Studies

Usability Case Study: Wireframe Usability Testing

A Swedish University recently used Loop11 to run a usability test on two different prototypes of a tourism website. Their testing yielded some interesting results.

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Airline Website Usability: British Airways Soars Ahead!

A recent study to rate the usability for the world’s leading Airline websites, showed that the British Airways website is far and above the most user friendly website.

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Usability Case Study: iPad vs PC

We conducted a split-tested usability study to compare a website’s user experience on the iPad vs a PC.

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Which City Council has the best website?

We took six of Australia’s capital city councils and tested the usability of their websites. You’ll be surprised by which council came out on top.

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BECU (Boeing Employees’) Credit Union Website

The clever guys at the interactive agency ZAAZ, did some re-design work on the BECU website. Using Loop11, they wanted to find out what to call a section of the website.

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